Record retention compliance tool goes online

Information Enterprises Australia has made available online the Australian Record Retention Manual (ARRM) online, a tool for information retention compliance across the private sector.

“We have been listening to our clients and have spent time researching the best way to take this extensive resource into the online environment.” said Shirley Cowcher, Managing Director of Information Enterprises Australia.

“The last print edition of the ARRM was our 16th edition and it totalled 952 pages and referenced more than 1700 pieces of Australian legislation. When a reference tool gets to that size, and with legislative change occurring as rapidly as it is, you have to look for methods of access that will provide ease and currency” Shirley said.

ARRM Online launched on 3rd April 2017 as an online subscription service. It is the same authoritative tool providing in-depth interpretation of Australian acts and regulations. Subscribers will get instant access to guidance on reducing information risk and improving compliance.

Legislation can be searched by title, subject and jurisdiction. ARRM online is the one-stop-solution  to learning all about  what  information your organisation needs to keep, the length of time it should be kept and the penalty for not doing so.

Subscriptions are annual and available as a single user or a five user licence.

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