Cambridge Semantics Launches Anzo Smart Data Lake 4.0

Cambridge Semantics, a provider of big data management and analytics solutions, has announced the release of Anzo Smart Data Lake (ASDL) 4.0, its flagship platform product that builds a semantic layer at scale on all enterprise data.

The platform is designed to break down the IT barriers that can cost enterprises millions of dollars in lost        opportunities by slowing down or blocking data access.

ASDL 4.0 features include:

Automated Rapid Ingestion that supports connectivity to both internal and external sources, including cloud environments and existing data lakes. It ingests both structured and unstructured data through horizontally scaled, automated ETL processes. Most structured sources may be ingested without manual mapping, while unstructured data is processed, indexed and on-boarded through configurable text analytics and NLP pipelines. As a result, valuable analyst or data steward’s time can be refocused on higher value tasks.

Data Catalog leverages graph models to describe the data in business contexts and capture all the different types of data required, spanning all enterprise data sources and all data sets stored in ASDL. Users can easily browse and discover data sets of interest and understand their context in a secure and governed environment. The full data provenance and lineage of all data in the catalog is explorable in a user-friendly visual interface.

Graphmarts connect the power of Cambridge Semantics’ Anzo Graph Query Engine (AGQE) to data in ASDL, bringing together subsets of data on-demand for preparation, analysis and access. Graphmarts are collections of data sets that can be shared, discovered and enhanced collaboratively. ASDL automatically brings Graphmarts online into existing AGQE clusters, or can provision new clusters on-demand as business needs peak for agile deployment and cost-effective cloud resource utilization.

Users can add Data Layers to their Graphmarts for data cleansing, transformation, linking and access control - dynamically enhancing the in-memory graph in an iterative manner. Graphmarts apply Data Layers in stacked fashion for the flexibility to easily turn layers on or off, and remove, copy and create layers as needed. By storing data preparation tasks as individual layers, users enjoy dramatic improvements in data preparation productivity similarly to modern digital tools for editing images, video and sound.

ASDL’s Hi-Res Analytics provides an interactive and intuitive exploratory experience that allows citizen data scientists, analysts and business users to get data and answers to ad-hoc questions in real time encompassing the full breadth and complexity of all their information assets. With Hi-Res Analytics, users can truly have a conversation with their data - quickly and easily pivoting to take the analysis in new directions based on the answers to questions.

“The innovative new tools underlying Anzo Smart Data Lake 4.0 creates a highly accessible semantic layer across all your enterprise data in the language of your data-driven business or industry,” said Alok Prasad, president of Cambridge Semantics.

“With on-demand access to data analytics by users throughout the enterprise, users can avoid the        business inhibitors of current methods to reach insights quickly. From our customer experiences across multiple industries, these advancements can create a path to heightened market competitiveness and the ability to uncover new revenue growth opportunities.”


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