Metadata Management Solution for Governed Data Lakes

Talend has launched a new metadata management solution that brings additional transparency and accessibility to data lakes and other big data projects by providing an end-to-end view of enterprise information.

The new solution promises to provide organisations with a comprehensive governance framework for creating, controlling, attributing, defining, and managing enterprise information so they can extract and propagate additional value from their data.

“Metadata is a formidable accelerator for data understanding and regulatory compliance, which is increasingly important in the age of GDPR,” said Ciaran Dynes, SVP of Products, Talend.

“Similar to how a metal detector can help you locate gold amidst a thousand grains of sand, understanding the structure, limitations, definition, and description of data protects against misinterpretation or misuse. Regardless of an organisation’s size, having a solid metadata strategy is essential in an era where information is critical to the long-term success of an organisation.”

Gartner research states, “With the emergence of digital business and big data, information is everywhere, and managing information assets inside and outside the business is crucial for many organizations.”

Metadata summarises basic information about associated data, such as location, format, semantics, usage, and worth. Having access to such information allows companies to improve data shareability, reuse, governance, control risk, and better assess the impact of change before data is propagated across the enterprise.

Talend Metadata Manager (TMM) helps collect information from databases, modern self-service analytical tools like Tableau or Qlik Sense, big data and cloud platforms like Cloudera and Microsoft Azure, or any data pipelines managed by the Talend Data Fabric integration platform, and combines them into a holistic view of an entire information supply chain.

TMM also contains a unique business glossary to link technical definitions to corresponding business definitions and vocabulary commonly used by business users to enable self-service search, categorisation and access to needed information. This entry-level offering provides customers with an easy way to effectively oversee and augment data use, access, and compliance without needing to implement a comprehensive data governance policy.

Talend Metadata Manager is delivered as an add-on to the Talend Data Fabric integration platform, making it possible to automatically collect and map any data pipeline managed using Talend Data Integration, Talend Master Data Management Manager, Talend Data Preparation and Talend Data Quality.
Additional details on the full capabilities and business benefits of Talend Metadata Manager can be found by visiting the product page:, viewing this webinar: on GDPR, or reading this blog:


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