iManage enhances Security and Threat Manager

iManage has announced AI enhancements to its two core security and information governance products, iManage Threat Manager and iManage Security Policy Manager.

iManage Threat Manager,which utilizes machine learning to improve threat detection, now adds AI to more accurately detect “smash and grab” threat patterns. Characterized by abnormally high and intensive activity over a short time-frame, smash and grab attacks are a common threat pattern that can result in large data losses. In addition, new end-user analysis identifies areas of non-compliance which can then be targeted for remediation.

The new release of iManage Security Policy Manager - which manages need-to know security and ethical walls at scale across iManage Work, file shares, time and billing and other systems - offers the ability to use prior document access and billing activity to automatically exclude users from working on opposing projects. This allows firms to easily onboard new clients while still meeting their ethical responsibilities.

The new release also improves the enforcement of need-to-know security by automatically removing inactive users, enabling a professional services firm to keep very tight control over who has access to highly sensitive content.

As professional services firms increasingly seek to use AI and other digital technologies to transform the way they work, stronger security and information governance are emerging as key requirements in these digital transformation initiatives.

“Governing and securing work product is non-negotiable for today’s professional services firms,” said Ian Raine, Director of Product Management, iManage.

“We have enhanced iManage Security Policy Manager and Threat Manager with new features and capabilities that help professional services firms minimize potential damage from common threats, without hampering professionals’ productivity. This frictionless approach to security allows firms to simultaneously work safer and smarter.”

The new version of Security Policy is now currently generally available. Threat Manager’s new version will be available later this quarter.


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