Dataram Introduces Portable Biometric Data Security Device

Dataram Memory (“Dataram”), an independent technology solutions provider for enterprise and data centre environments, has announced the launch of QBKEY, a portable biometric security device that helps users encrypt their data – allowing them to securely save it anywhere, anytime.

“With cybercrime related incidents on the rise, we recognize that no one is immune from attacks”, stated Dave Moylan, Dataram’s President and CEO.

“Those who have not been a victim of a cybercrime, have either been well prepared or very fortunate.  Cybercriminals are not particular about who they target; the less prepared a person is, the more likely of a target they become.  While password managers or encryption software solutions offer some benefit, each has shortcomings:  a password that is susceptible to brute force attack and encrypted drives that store keys along with data. 

QBKEY offers a solution to these shortcomings.  The product allows you to encrypt your data and safely store it in just a few simple steps using fingerprint authentication – eliminating the use of potentially vulnerable passwords or an encryption key stored with data”.

QBKEY Features:

  • Safely and securely store important and sensitive items including personal photos, credit card details, medical records, tax documents, and passwords
  • Store encrypted data on any local or network storage device, even a smartphone
  • Create back-up copies of encrypted data to guard against virus, malware or ransomware
  • Share encrypted data with other QBKEY users
  • Authenticates up to 3 fingers
  • Compatible with cloud storage services
  • Interlocked and multi-level encryption using the AES, RSA and ECC algorithms
  • Windows software application included (Windows 7 or later)
  • Secure Interlocked Encryption:  created using a Quantum True Random Number generator making each them truly unique and one of a kind.  No passwords are required.  Multiple encryption keys are used to secure each file, all of which are tied to the hardware, software, and owner of the device, helping ensure only the person(s) that should access that data, actually have access to that data
  • Biometric Authentication System:  equipped with a high quality robust 3D fingerprint sensor, eliminating the use of potentially vulnerable passwords
  • Secure File Browsing and Sharing:  data is not exposed when sharing or editing
  • Bitlocker Compatible / Full Disk Encryption:  protect internal and external drives and make them accessible to one or multiple of QBKEY users
  • Support for InterPlanetary File System (IPFS): share encrypted files with other QBKEY holders using the IPFS, a peer-to-peer distributed network

QBKEY comes with two (2) matched biometric devices, two (2) USB Type C (USB-C) to Type A (USB-A) cables.  Although both devices are identical, the second device is intended as a recovery key.  Data is not stored on the QBKEY devices. QBKEY is available on the Company’s product website at , and popular online retailers including and eBay.  The MSRP is $US199.99.


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