Metalogix Content Matrix 6.2 for SharePoint migration

Metalogix has released Content Matrix 6.2, featuring new capabilities for administrators to allow Site and Site Collection owners and Power Users to tag, classify and organise SharePoint content before, during and after a SharePoint migration.

SharePoint administrators are now able to make powerful content organisation tools available to selected Site and Site Collection Owners through Site Collection Settings. They can demote Site Collections, delete unwanted content, copy information architecture across sites and site collections, move and merge site collections and consolidate site structures, users and other SharePoint elements. 

Additionally, the new features allow Site Collection Owners to grant end users the ability to bulk import, move, copy and apply both content types and metadata tags to their own content directly through the Ribbon user interface in SharePoint 2010 and 2013.

“As the amount of content managed through SharePoint continues to rapidly increase, SharePoint administrators and IT directors face a tremendous amount of pressure to keep content organised and improving end user adoption by making content easier to find to enhance their collaboration and knowledge sharing mandates ,” said Steven Murphy, CEO, Metalogix.

“With the release of Content Matrix 6.2 and the new organisation features, we are giving them the power to overcome these challenges by optionally delegating some of the required actions to Site and Site Collection owners. This makes it even easier to prepare for a migration to SharePoint 2013 or Office 365 while also restructuring and reorganizing content during the migration to create the optimum SharePoint environment for their organisation.”

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