EzeScan broadens access to EDRMS/ECM import

Outback Imaging, developer of EzeScan production scanning software, has released the EzeScan Barcode Coversheet Generator Web browser application. This new product is  designed to further automate the indexing and uploading of documents into EDRMS/ECM systems beyond the Records Management Unit.

Mike Kirkby, Managing Director of Outback Imaging said “Our EzeScan product already includes a barcode coversheet module, but as this software is typically deployed in the Records Management Unit of an organisation it meant that only Record Managers could easily generate a barcodes coversheet. 

"Working closely with our customers it became apparent the need for barcode coversheet generation expanded beyond the Records Management Unit  as using barcoded coversheets greatly simplifies the capture of indexing metadata and enables documents to be seamlessly uploaded to a backend system with no user intervention.” said Kirkby.

Installed and licensed on a per web server basis it requires an IIS web server running on server hardware provided by the user. 

“EzeScan Barcode Coversheet Generator Web browser Application supports two modes of coversheet printing (SQL lookup and custom) and can also be easily customised to suit the client’s needs.” said  Kirkby 

Once the product has been installed and configured, end users simply use their PC's web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome) to access the website hosting the EzeScan Barcode Coversheet Generator Web browser Application home page. Barcode coversheets can then be quickly generated and printed to the nearest laser printer. 

“When used in conjunction with EzeScan Server this provides a method to fully automate the upload of scanned documents with metadata into backend corporate systems.” saidr Kirkby.

Enquiries to Demos Gougoulas, Sales & Channel Manage: Tel: 0433 144522. Email: demos@ezescan.com.au

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