Enterprise Content Management

UK company Leonardo has been awarded a contract by the Commonwealth of Australia’s Department of Defence to deliver Information Management software to six Collins-class submarines operated by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).

In case you hadn’t noticed, the amount of data in the world is increasing at an exponential rate. For example, every minute there are nearly 4.2 million posts uploaded to Facebook, nearly 3 million tweets, and thousands of responses to open-ended survey questions.

So, you are going digital. You have started or completed a project or projects to implement digital solutions. You and your technology partner have analysed your requirements and worked hard to test and turn on a digital platform. But what then ....

Have you heard of the “ zettabyte apocalypse ?” It’s a term coined to describe how organisations must be prepared to increase storage to an additional 40 to 60 zettabytes of data (per most analysts’ predictions) over the next four years or risk being left susceptible to the type of “apocalyptic” disasters—compliance violations and fines, data loss and theft, etc.—that could run them out of business.

Hyland has established a reseller partnership with Australian consulting and project services specialist Deliveri Solutions Australia. The partnership will introduce ShareBase by Hyland to Deliveri’s technology portfolio, facilitating cloud-based sharing and content management.

Cybersecurity company McAfee has a new report, Do You Know Where Your Data Is? Beyond GDPR: data residency insights from around the world, which highlights businesses’ approach to data residency, management, and protection in light of global events, policies and the changing regulatory data protection landscape.

Most of us are guilty of “data hoarding”. Without a thought, we save every digital photo, email, document, presentation and spreadsheet, losing track of what we have saved along the way. Across the enterprise, employees are blindly building a bottomless lake of data, and, in many cases, a corporate mantra of “save everything, just in case” is encouraging the behaviour.

The first preview editions of SharePoint 2019 and Office 2019 are due out mid-2018, with both new editions of the venerable Microsoft products remaining available in on-premise server and desktop software editions.

As technologies evolve, we have seen the rise of auto-tagging, auto-classification, and auto-categorisation tools that attempt to take over the task for describing the content we create. These tools apply metadata tags automatically so we don’t have to.

Ez-XBRL Solutions, Inc. has been issued a third patent by the US Patent Office. This is an additional patent awarded to the company’s earlier patent for a system that facilitates associating structured content in a structured document with unstructured content in an unstructured document.