Enterprise Content Management

When I'm not working for the PDF Association I still do some consulting in the document management space. Some recent conversations prompted me to revisit an assessment I wrote four years ago exploring a typical conversation between PDF technology providers and PDF technology users. Has anything changed?

MinerEye is launching a new, AI-powered governance and data protection solution, MinerEye Data Tracker, that promises to enable companies to continuously identify, organize, track and protect vast information assets ─ including undermanaged, unstructured and dark data ─ for safe and compliant cloud migration.

ISACA, the international professional association focused on IT governance, has launched a new tool to new support IT auditors in their assessments of AWS deployments - including the use of AWS services, access to the AWS environment, management and interrelationships of AWS services.

Box is extending two-factor authentication (2FA) to external users, acknowledging the need for corporate and government customers of the cloud-based enterprise content management platform to provide secure access for external collaborators.

The government’s chief cyber security coordinator, Alastair McGibbon, told an audience of specialists in November 2018 that the prospect of a catastrophic cyber incident is: "the greatest existential threat we face as a society today."

While companies, governments and individuals scramble to protect important data and critical systems from cyber threats, a sleeping national security issue could become the next cyber frontier. In fact, it may already be, and we don’t even know it.

Alfresco Software is leveraging Amazon Web Service to offer AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) to enterprises for intelligently extracting important content often locked away in multiple documents, scanned images, videos and photographs.

ShareGate, a software company specializing in cloud computing solutions, has announced the public release of ShareGate Apricot, a governance tool designed to help IT professionals efficiently deploy Office 365. The Montreal -based brand's newest offering lets IT collaborate with trusted users to prevent the sprawl of Office 365 Groups and Teams.

Knosys has launched a new cloud service called KIQ Cloud that aims to bring knowledge management to a broader market.

On April 2, 2018, the first Chinese space station – Tiangong-1 – came crashing down to earth. Headlines across the world stoked panic and alarm, and astronomers attempted to predict where the 9.5 tonne object would strike. This is not the first such object to threaten damage and destruction, and nor will it be the last.