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Ike Kavas is the founder and CEO of Ephesoft, with 20 years of document capture, document management, workflow and systems engineer experience. His previous role was Chief Technology Officer at Ephesoft and he holds a patent on supervised machine learning for document classification and extraction. On a visit to Australia in May for a series of customer events, IDM asked Ike to expand on expand the company’s mission of turning the world’s unstructured content into actionable data.

Dynamsoft has updated its Barcode Reader Software Development Kit with an updated algorithm that has improved barcode scanning speed by an average of 50 percent while also improving upon barcode reading accuracy. 

Supporting enterprise digital transformation ranks the No. 2 top budgeting objective for today’s finance leaders, according to a report by The Hackett Group. But for many, this buzzword comes across as vague and intimidating. What exactly does a successful digital transformation entail? And how can the average business achieve it?

ABBYY has announced the launch of ABBYY Text Analytics for Contracts, a managed service that automatically discovers insights from contracts and leases to speed up risk mitigation, obligation analysis and content migration.

To mark the latest release of Upland's FileBound workflow automation solution, Jon Eilers, General Manager FileBound US presented at a series of Roadshows across Australia. IDM asked John to highlight some of the recent and upcoming enhancements in the platform roadmap.

More than 6 million historical client documents held by the Western Australia Department of Communities Housing (Housing Authority) presented a major headache for staff owing to a lack of containment and classification. A new Ephesoft smart document capture system deployed by the Process Automation Group (PAG) is now assisting with making documents findable and enabling retention polices to be applied.

Victorian service provider Wannon Water has partnered with Intelledox and FYB to implement next-generation forms. Completion of a Job Safety Analysis (JSA), required before any high risk on-site work event, was the catalyst for organisational change. Following a successful pilot, the digital process has been extended to incorporate all forms across the business.

Use cases demonstrating the successful merger between Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are scarce today, but some fast-moving companies are changing that. Hollard, South Africa’s largest privately-owned insurance group, is one such audacious organization where the transformation journey has not only begun, but is already showing the benefits.

“Digital transformation” is a collective term that suggests action being taken by an organisation. While there are different definitions of the term, generally speaking, it entails an organization taking on a strategy, applying tactics, and changing from some versions of “analogue-ness” to being digital. This can be in terms of business model, operations, technical underpinnings, etc.

Upland Software, Inc., parent company of the FileBound ECM platform, has acquired of Dublin, Ireland-based InterFAX Communications Ltd., a provider of secure, cloud-based messaging solutions including enterprise cloud fax and secure document distribution. The company says cloud fax alone is a $US1.5B market forecasted to grow at 10% per year to $2.2B by 2022