KnowledgeWare sets up shop with Laserfiche

Laserfiche has a new partner in the Australiasian market with the launch of KnowledgeWare Business Solutions (KnowledgeWare) focussed on delivering the US company's agile Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, which includes Business Process Management (BPM).

KnowledgeWare also offers allProView’s web-based Project and Resource Management solutions.

“KnowledgeWare works with businesses to enable them to make knowledge-based and accurate decisions.” said founding partner Stephen Bowditch.  

“By uniquely bringing together two separate disciplines, business process management and project management, we felt we could enable our customers to increase and maintain their competitiveness at a sustainable cost”.

“As more businesses are looking for ways to increase their efficiency, we believe that cost effective solutions that address fundamental business issues such as content, process and project management will deliver fast ROI.“ said Jeremy Bishop, Partner.  “We are excited about the partnerships we have in place and the opportunity to help our customers access world-class solutions at a manageable cost.”

Laserfiche was recently listed as a Champion in Info-Tech Research Group’s ECM for Process Workers Vendor Landscape.  The Laserfiche ECM system is designed to give IT managers central control over their information infrastructure while still offering business units the flexibility to react quickly to changing conditions.  With more than 32,000 customers world-wide, Laserfiche is one of the leading suppliers of document, records and business process management solutions.

allProView has been in use at The University of Melbourne for more than 2 years to manage their substantial IT project portfolio.  allProView is a competitively priced web-based solution accessible through the user’s choice of browser.

“With KnowledgeWare’s focus on helping customers to improve efficiency and make better decisions, they will be a great member of the Laserfiche community.” said Sean Tang, Vice President, International Business at Laserfiche International.

“We look forward to working with KnowledgeWare in providing maximum value for our customers, using our award-winning Laserfiche ECM solution,” said Phyllis Ling Chen, Managing Director, Laserfiche International.

“I believe that allProView’s governance model and configurable, role-based dashboards are a perfect fit for Knowledgeware’s agile approach to solving business and project management challenges.” said Nigel Yandle, Managing Director of Glassfish Pty Ltd.  “We are delighted to have them onboard as our exclusive distributor.  We are looking forward to helping them to deliver our simplified approach of combining resource and project management in one easily deployed web-based solution.”

KnowledgeWare is a Laserfiche Value Added Reseller  and allProView’s global distributor, offering  on-premise or web-based implementations.

For additional information, contact Tel 0412 145 162