Internet call centre lets you talk while you browse

Internet call centre lets you talk while you browse

Lucent Technologies has announced the availability of its Internet Telephony Server (ITS), a new way for Australian organisations to make calls over the Internet or intranets using conventional phones or fax machines.

Lucent is targeting Australia's corporate and government organisations seeking a telephony alternative to link their offices or to reduce per-call traffic on their traditional networks. The ITS may also appeal to Internet service providers (ISPs), as it will allow them to offer their users cost-effective Internet telephony solutions.

This solution does not require the computer at both ends of the phone call to be running dedicated software as the solution uses a company's PABX and has standard connections. Using its parent company Bell Lab's Elemedia voice compression technology, Lucent's ITS provides good quality voice communications over an intranet or the Internet.

The ITS routes fax and voice traffic from traditional telecommunications networks to business intranets and the Internet. Because the ITS allows organisations to put voice traffic over their existing networks, users can avoid per-call charges and make more efficient use of their installed systems.

Multi-site companies can link their remote sites through the Internet for cost savings as well as take traffic off public or private networks for items that do not require special quality, reliability or security. However, if the Internet is too congested, for instance, the ITS could switch the transmission back to the public or private network.

According to Gerry Forsythe, marketing manager, multimedia messaging, Lucent Technologies Australia, when used in a call centre environment, this technology will allow call centre 'agents' and 'callers' to view the same Web pages while they talk. For instance, if a user was browsing the Web and looking at travel sites, they could then click on to the screen and be connected through the PC to an operator. Both parties could then discuss the travel sites, book holidays and so on. The agent is able to send Web pages to the caller or images and forms to complete. The possibilities are enormous.

Mr Forsythe says that with more than 50 million multimedia PCs shipped around the world, microphones are rapidly becoming a standard component in PCs. This means there is a huge installed base of multimedia call centre-ready PCs. Using a call centre thus becomes a multimedia experience. For information phone Lucent Technologies on 02 9352 9000.or go to au.

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