Research Exposes Email Management Issues

Research Exposes Email Management Issues

By Greg McNevin

July 3, 2008: A new survey from email data management specialist C2C claims that despite advances in email management software and policies, employees are still enduring mailbox quotas and are continuing to manually delete email data.

The survey canvassed both IT and non-IT personnel from organisations of all sizes, and found that the majority of corporate email users are responsible for managing their own mailboxes – a significant drain on productivity.

Almost a third of those surveyed have mailboxes that are limited to less than 100 megabytes, which is quite low consider these days many attachments can be several megabytes each.

Overall, 65 percent of respondents have quotas and are forced to manage email manually, and 66 percent take it upon themselves to ensure their email messages aren’t lost, with most storing email outside of the company email system - including in personal/home email accounts.

This can make life extremely difficult when it comes to compliance and eDiscovery issues, particularly considering 67 percent of those surveyed needed to search for an email more than three months old at least once a month. A further 28 percent admitted to spending time searching for email about once a week or daily.

The survey also found that those who self-manage email to stay within quotas frequently delete messages, attachments, or create PST files. C2C says that this over-reliance on PST files as a means to offload email creates challenges for companies trying to meet legal requirements as they do not have a uniform location and cannot be searched centrally for content with traditional technologies.

“eDiscovery is becoming much more important in the context of civil litigation,” said Dave Hunt, CEO at C2C. “Companies that fail to produce emails in a timely manner risk paying millions of dollars in fines, not to mention loss of reputation and possibly revenue.”

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