NZ esignature alliance for legal documents

Esignature solutions provider Secured Signing and ADLS (Auckland District Law Society) have teamed up to introduce a new Digital Signing Service within the ADLS WebForms platform. Over 1000 law firms in New Zealand subscribe to ADLS WebForms for online legal document creation, and the launch of the new Digital Signing Service will enable legal professionals to complete their signing workflow securely and conveniently within the one platform.

ADLS, an independent, national membership organisation for legal professionals, has over 4,500 members and produces and maintains over 100 widely used online legal forms, including New Zealand’s popular Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate.

Joanna Pidgeon, President of ADLS, notes that the introduction of the new Digital Signing Service in WebForms will transform how lawyers, clients and their businesses work together, “As a practising lawyer I know meeting clients face-to-face will always be important. But, as people’s lives become busier and traffic gets heavier, digital signing will mean increased efficiency for the document signing process, more convenience and also cost-effectiveness”.

The new Digital Signing Service within WebForms enables legal practitioners to manage and track the digital signing process from one platform.

Mike Eyal, Founder and CEO of Secured Signing says "The integration of Digital Signing in WebForms offers distinctive and customised workflows designed with lawyers and their clients in mind. Whilst also providing the convenience and security of online digital signatures in one offering".


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