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As the automation of physical and knowledge work advances, many jobs will be redefined rather than eliminated—at least in the short term, according to Michael Chui, James Manyika, and Mehdi Miremadi, analysts at the McKinsey Global Institute in Chicago

Dr Sharon Hakkennes has been appointed Barwon Health’s new Chief Information Officer. Sharon has worked in the health care industry for more than 20 years, and has held several leadership roles at Barwon Health for some time, including Director of Health Informatics, and Manager of Physiotherapy.

The cloud email market is still in the early stages of adoption with 13 percent of identified publicly listed companies globally using one of the two main cloud email vendors, according to Gartner, Inc.

As per usual inspiration struck me while biking through my neighbourhood one weekend. Before you assume incorrectly I am not an avid cyclist, nor an athlete of any note. It is a form of masochistic torture I endure to avoid feeling my actual age while making myself feel way beyond my actual age.

Konica Minolta has invested in the med-tech start up Clevertar which creates digital agents or avatars in the healthcare industry. With applications available via iOS and Android, Clevertar's products have the potential to democratise health care and are already being used to improve patient outcomes in the diabetes and aged care spaces. 

While the number of organizations undertaking data initiatives is growing, sufficient data quality remains elusive for most, and that is affecting the ability of organizations to meet project goals or customer needs.

The National Archives of Australia has developed two new products to help Commonwealth agencies achieve the Government’s Digital Continuity 2020 policy targets. 

Marc Kerremans, Gartner research director, shares his insights into some of the challenges that business process leaders are facing.

Share ButtonIf your most valuable team member resigned tomorrow, would you know where to find the reports, project updates or files your colleague had been working on? If you’ve ever tried to retrieve a document that has been saved to someone else’s desktop, or buried in an electronic system only the owner understands, you’ll know how time consuming this can be. An effective intranet can save you time, money and administrative headaches by ensuring that your corporate information is easily retrievable and useful.