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Promised as a flagbearer for the brave new world of eHealth when it opens in April 2016, the $1.85 billion new Royal Adelaide Hospital (nRAH) will instead have to cope with a “hybrid” environment including paper records and workflow due to delays in a decade long program to implement a state-wide electronic health record.

Australian organisations may be missing out on opportunities to improve their business decision-making by not considering to hire a data scientist. The recent Teradata Data Analysis Index revealed that 88 per cent of companies use analytics to make decisions based on data but nearly the same percentage (86 per cent) have no plans to hire a data scientist.

Behavioural change is hard. Really hard. There are two key reasons why. Firstly, change is hard. Secondly, people only change when they can see it is in their best interest to do so. This fundamental fact lies behind the failure of many attempts to move to a decentralised capture solution and get users involved in record-keeping.

Telstra Health has launched ReadyCare, its GP telemedicine service that gives Australians the choice to connect with a doctor using phone or video and receive advice, treatment, diagnosis and prescriptions.

From drone technology to high volume media storage, archiving and distribution, the forthcoming SMPTE Australia Conference & Exhibition (SMPTE15), be held 14-17 July in Sydney will feature a range of solutions from over 130 exhibitors across two halls and outdoor displays.

Recent advances in auto-classification technologies have provided a substantial manual labour reduction for several companies related to physical preparation, classification and separation of documents into their operations. Although these advances have achieved tangible results in optimizing document centric workflows, there is still a gap in the aspect of classifying and tracking paper documents.

Bechtel, one of the world’s largest engineering, project management and construction (EPC) firms, is moving to replace its internal document and record management systems to instead collaborate via the Aconex cloud.

Typically, ECM companies like Knowledgeone Corporation deal direct with customers wanting records and document management software and those same customers deal direct with offsite records storage companies like those that run O’Neil software.

Human error was the number one cause of data security incidents according to a new report released by the Privacy and Data Protection Team at US law firm BakerHostetler. In the incidents that the firm worked on last year, employee negligence was responsible 36% of the time. That was followed by theft by outsiders (22%), theft by insiders (16%), malware (16%) and phishing attacks (14%).