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Text analytics is a rather new concept in enterprise content management (ECM) and document management. Many organisations are using automatic categorisation or classification of content, but this is only a small part of how text analytics can be used in organisations.

There has been a buzz surrounding SHA-1 this year. The hashing algorithm has been deemed unsafe for many years, but is still used in outdated software for digital signatures. Recently a team of researchers was able to break SHA-1, proving definitively that the algorithm should be replaced. 

Drakes Supermarkets is a family-owned business established in 1974 when Roger Drake purchased his first supermarket. Today, the company is the largest independent grocery retailer in Australia with more than 50 stores across South Australia and Queensland.

Advanced Discovery, a global eDiscovery and risk management provider, has filed a patent covering facial recognition technology in eDiscovery workflows. This most recent patent is designed to automate the review of large volumes of photographic images to identify an individual’s presence and prioritise documents within document reviews.

Kodak Alaris has named Leonel da Costa Asia Pacific Managing Director for its Information Management division. Based in Singapore, da Costa will work closely with the region’s marketing, sales operations and supply chain teams.

Consider this scenario described in a recent Forbes blog post: “Every quarter, a PR department receives the final quarterly financial numbers via email ahead of the earnings announcement in order to prepare a press release. The PR draft will be shared via email by a select group within the company before being approved and ready to be distributed out on the news wires. When pulling that financial information from the ERP system - a system that usually lives behind the corporate firewall with strong security and identity controls in place and with business owners who govern access to the systems and data within - we’ve instantly taken that formerly safe data and shared it freely by email as an Excel file.”

RoZetta Technology, an Australian based advanced analytics and data management provider, has partnered with sister company SIRCA to build, deploy and manage an enhanced and technically superior analytics and data collaboration platform to over 30 Australian and New Zealand universities.

A new study by CapgeminI Consulting and digital analyst and author Brian Solis has found that 62% of respondents see corporate culture as one of the biggest hurdles in the journey to becoming a digital organisation. As a result, companies risk falling behind competition in today’s digital environment.

Data Governance Australia (DGA), a not-for-profit association founded in 2016 in order to establish industry standards and benchmarks around the collection, use and management of data in Australia,  has announced the launch of a draft Code of Practice (the Code).