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A research paper analysing the differing experiences of the UK and Australian governments in attempting digital transformation finds there is an urgent need for a change of vision and strategy, with Australian agencies bogged down in the past and burdened by thousands of PDF forms.

In a world where the growing use of connected devices, such as smart watches and connected cars, is occurring at the same time that massive data breaches are making headlines around the world, a new global study by ISACA shows that consumers have conflicted attitudes about the benefits of connected devices.

Emerging from the wreck of the once mighty Eastman Kodak, Kodak Alaris has taken a Microsoft-centric approach to relaunching as a $US1.2 billon startup. The organisation with over 4700 staff in 30 countries is faced with a 2 ½ year task to move to an entirely new ERP system and replace business processes based on the previous environment comprising SAP and Lotus Notes Groupware.

Visa has deployed enhanced data and invoice management capabilities in the Asia Pacific region utilizing Kofax TotalAgility to help businesses better overcome the challenges that they face today in accounts payable and receivables management processes that typically stem from a lack of process automation.

TheFormsAgency has announced the successful implementation of DocPath document software solutions at Thorn Group Limited. Thorn is one of Australia’s leading providers of retail and financial services to niche consumer and commercial markets.

We recently analysed the execution of paperless strategies for a company that was struggling to increase paperless adoption among its clients. They had actioned all the advice provided, so what was the issue? After conducting an analysis we found that there were gaps in the implementation, which led to a below average customer take up of the paperless service.

Search is at an interesting crossroads. As the keystone of the information age, this truly transformative technology now blends into almost every digital nook and cranny without fanfare. It goes without saying that smartphone apps, web pages, social networking tools, productivity software and operating systems have started off with simply having a search box embedded somewhere.

What are the requirements for government organisations to include social media posts as part of Reedom of Information (FOI) requests?

Nuix, a technology company that enables people to make fact-based decisions from unstructured data, has published a survey of corporate information security practitioners, conducted by Ari Kaplan Advisors, which shows fundamental changes occurring in the way enterprises protect their data.