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Investigative teams are promised the ability to identify relevant evidence more easily and tell a holistic story more efficiently with an enhanced user interface and new customisable investigator reporting in Cellebrite Analytics.

A solution to discover, secure and govern personal identifiable information (PII) while “in flight” - as it arrives from a batch or streaming data source or moves between compute platforms -  has been launched by StreamSets Inc., Designed with data privacy regulations in mind, StreamSets Data Protector is designed to reduce risk of expensive and embarrassing violations.

South Australia’s City of Mitcham has implemented TechnologyOne’s local government enterprise solution to replace paper-based work orders and provide greater visibility into the status and progress of requests, driving an improvement in overall customer experience.

Concept Searching has announced Release 5.4.5 of its flagship conceptClassifier platform. Highlights include Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) support, new features to Natural Language Processing (NLP), and redaction capabilities.

Magic Software Enterprises has announced the launch of Magic xpi 4.7, a multi-point low code solution that aims to lower IT development and operational costs associated with integration. It includes new features to make the integration between Salesforce and other systems even easier.

Machine learning and AI developer Lexalytics has added support for Emoji 11.0, a set of 157 new emojis from the Unicode Consortium, the governing body that determines the emojis that consumers use worldwide on their devices. With this support, social media marketers, researchers, data scientists, analysts and other Lexalytics’ customers will be able to use the company’s AI-based text analytics platform to immediately gain insights when consumers use the new emojis across social media, email, survey responses and any other form of digital text communication.

German enterprise software developer inovoo has launched a multi-channel capture platform, NOVO CxP, that receives structured and unstructured data and documents in a wide variety of formats, analyses it and hands it over to downstream processes in a standardised fashion.

A new Data Strategy Package from DATUM leverages their proprietary Information Value Management platform to focus on the capabilities necessary for organisations to easily get started with data governance.

Redwood Software has announced the launch of its latest Redwood Robotics solution, an evolution of its existing technology that taps into its catalogue of more than 35,000 plug-and-play robots. The updated offering includes a revamped interface, and now supports wider processes across HR, IT operations, supply chain and others.

Epicor Software as announced the newest release of the DocStar Enterprise Content Management solution.