TCG Process Webinar Series – Automate. Smarter. Faster.
Wednesday 25th or Thursday the 26th of November at 11am AEDT

Join this webinar to learn how TCG’s next generation document process automation platform helps BPOs, banks and insurance companies leverage the latest technology to build smarter business processes faster, so they are more competitive.  With TCG Process your organisation can operate smarter and faster through an intelligent platform of AI, APIs, bots and crowdsourcing, delivering outstanding results.  TCG Process offers a scalable platform enabling you to automate document-driven business processes across all industries.
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[Webinar] Data Discovery - Is Your Organisation Ready?
Thursday, November 26, 10am AEDT

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) essentially regulates the “personal data” of individuals in the EU through the entire life-cycle of collection, use, retention, transfer and deletion. Australian organisations have seen an increase in GDPR related requests within the last 12 months and organisations are facing the challenge of responding efficiently.
The Australian Consumer Data Right (CDR) also provides individuals and businesses with new rights relating to the disclosure and sharing of personal data. Introduced in July 2020, the CDR gives Australians greater control over their data, and updated Consumer Data Standards are being implemented that apply to all Australian organisations.
Join us in this interactive webinar where you will learn about why GDPR and CDR matters to Australian organisations, including how you can be ready to respond.
Who is this webinar for? CIOs, Data Managers, IT Managers, Record and Information Managers, and anyone else who is involved in data sharing and open banking.
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Information Governance with Microsoft 365
Thursday, December 3, 11.00 - 11:45 am (Adelaide time) 11.30 – 12.15 AEDT

Come and hear from Simon Froude, Director of State Records of South Australia (SRSA) who will reference the soon to be released Advice sheet discussing the importance of governance around how information is managed.
Also, Deanna Fleming, Records and Information Manager at Department of Treasury and Finance, formerly Digital Workspace Manager will be joining us in this presentation. Deanna will share her experience at the Department of Primary Industries and Regions (SA) and the challenge she faced in relation to implementing a compliant fit-for-purpose governance solution in the whole of South Australian government Microsoft 365 tenancy.
Discover information governance considerations for a distributed workforce and the impact to the adoption of Microsoft 365 technologies for both Objective ECM and Micro Focus Content Manager.
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CIO PANEL DISCUSSION: Managing Information and Data for Government and Community
Tuesday, December 8, 11.00am-12.00pm AEDT
Join the CIO Panel discussion and hear from
David Fricker, Director-General of the National Archives of Australia, will take us through ‘Building Trust in the Public Record: managing information and data for government and community” policy.
CIO panellists include:

  • Yaso Arumugam, Chief Information Officer National Archives Australia
  • Guy Carlisle, Chief Information Officer Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions
  • David Horne, Chief Information Officer Commonwealth Ombudsman
  • Cameron Thornton, Solution Director Information Governance, Objective Corporation

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ABBYY Reimagine Virtual Conference
March 23-24, 2021

Digital transformation is a mindset. That’s why we’re bringing the experts to you with the insights and tools you need to reimagine your business with Digital Intelligence. You’ll hear customer stories about Digital Intelligence in action. You’ll network with business leaders, peers, and visionaries. And it’s all virtual, so join us from wherever you are.
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[Webinar] Information Governance for Microsoft Teams and Content Manager
State government agencies across Australia are adapting to a new normal, and the impact that has on how information and departmental records are governed, accessed and shared. In Victoria, what was already a global trend has seemingly over-night accelerated to a “white-hot’ pace due to the remote way we now work and the use of Microsoft Teams.
During this webinar:
from Peter Francis, Manager, Standards and Policy, Public Records Office Victoria, as he outlines the departmental advice on record-keeping standards in the new era and specifically with regard to Microsoft Teams.
Learn: from Rachel Franklin, Director, Knowledge & Business Services at the Future Fund Management Agency (FFMA) who will explain the challenges presented by the new way of working and efforts by the FFMA to adapt and comply with record-keeping standards.
Grasp: information governance considerations for a distributed workforce, and how government agencies can leverage an existing foundation in Micro Focus Content Manager without disruption, or impact to the adoption of Microsoft 365 technologies while keeping Micro Focus CM9 the single source of truth.
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[Webinar] Micro Focus - Learn How Filr Can Rapidly Expose Existing File Systems to Remote Worker
Micro Focus has announced that they will be extending the standard Filr Advanced evaluation to be for unlimited users until the end of September 2020. By attending this webinar, you will learn how Micro Focus Filr can rapidly deliver secure, collaborative, remote access to your existing file system with no requirement to migrate files nor reapply access controls, in an easy same-day setup. No costly, risky data migrations like many cloud file-sharing offerings. This webinar will discuss what Filr is, how it works, and include a client demonstration.


[Webinar] iCognition - Managing Information in Office 365 with Robotic Process Automation
iCognition has recently developed a seamless Office365 integration to Content Manager, which allows you to implement information governance to products like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Dynamics and many other Office 365 Apps that are available as part of your O365 subscriptions. In this Webinar, iCognition will provide you an overview of the integration between Teams, SharePoint and Content Manager as well as show and explain the benefits our Office365 Integrated solution has to offer.


[Webinar] Micro Focus - Understanding Your Data and the Security of I.T
Data is critical to every aspect of how an organization functions, and it is constantly growing, which is why it's so important to have the right processes and practices in place to manage and secure company data. Data governance policies define rules within an enterprise according to several factors, including data access, storage, security, usage, and disposal. This webinar will show how the Micro Focus File Governance Suite of products address these and other issues through comprehensive data reporting and analytics, followed by a powerful engine that automates data governance tasks to optimize, secure, and protect your network data.


[Webinar] Micro Focus - Data Access Governance – Mitigating Risk Associated with Unstructured Data
With Micro Focus solutions for Data Access Governance, you can now gain the same level of control over unstructured data as you have with systems, applications, and identities. This comprehensive approach helps to ensure that the right people have access to the right information - including information stored in files on your network. This webinar will show how you can manage risks associated with unstructured data as part of an overall Identity and Access Management strategy.
·        Gain Visibility into Data Access
·        Automate Data Provisioning Processes
·        Protect High-Risk Data
·        Improve Governance through Access Reviews


[Webinar] FYB - Give Content Manager Users the Freedom to Collaborate from Anywhere
With the rising demand for organisations to work remotely, it's important to ensure that you are still meeting records compliance obligations. See how your organisation can leverage SharePoint and Microsoft Teams to collaborate and share information in real-time whilst ensuring records are being captured and managed with your authorised records management system.