[Webinar] Micro Focus + Citadel IX: ANZ Briefing
Thurs June 10, 11.00am AEST    

Micro Focus has partnered with Citadel globally to launch Content Manager Select SaaS on the Citadel IX platform; and with our fully managed service.
Join us to learn:
- The instant benefits of this new Micro Focus offering to you
- 3 ways Citadel IX reduces your total cost of ownership 
- Citadel IX, CM10 & Microsoft 365 working together
- Plot your fastest path into the secure cloud
PS. If you can't make it, just register and we'll send you all the materials. 
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Digital Records & Information Management Summit 
July 29, 2021, Canberra Rex Hotel, ACT
Forefront’s Digital Records and Information Management Summit, aligned with the Building Trust in the Public Record Policy, will address how departments and agencies can manage information to enable trusted use by government and community.
You’ll learn how to implement effective information governance that is aligned with strategic objectives, assess which information management processes are fit-for-purpose and meet information asset creation, use and re-use needs, and ensure responsible management of information assets, reducing areas of inefficiency and risk.
To view the full agenda click here
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AI for Business Summit 2021
August 3-5 2021, Sydney

Examining best practice to scale and operationalise AI, The AI for Business Summit returns in 2021 designed explicitly for businesses already using AI who are ready to prepare for what's coming next. Now in its 4th year, the AI for Business Summit 2021 will explore how to strategically scale AI and investments to grow revenue through innovation, improving services, reducing risks and making sound decisions backed up by data.
Join us at the AI for Business Summit 2021 where we'll provide you with a melting pot of case studies, discussions, critical learnings, and future projections focused on the role AI will continue to play, in Australia's economic future.
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