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A recent system breach at the US Department of Justice (DoJ) has us asking: is paper safer if records management and security priorities aren’t in sync? Back in 2020, three hostile foreign actors did in fact breach the Department of Justice’s case management and document filing system, known as the Case Management/Electronic Case Files system (CM/ECF).

Cloudera has been selected as a strategic data partner and will play a role in the transformation of the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF’s) e-health management system.

Monte Carlo has released the initial results of its 2022 data quality survey, which found that data professionals are spending 40 percent of their time evaluating or checking data quality and that poor data quality impacts 26 percent of their companies’ revenue.

Wollens Solicitors has grown into one of the largest solicitors in the southwest of the United Kingdom, with over 150 employees positioned across three offices. As a result of their rapid company growth, the law firm struggled to keep up with the volume of paper within the business.

Microsoft has extended its partnership with the NSW Government for a further five years to support the unique needs of agencies during their digital transformation journeys.

Most Australian and New Zealand healthcare organisations struggle to use data analytics to support their business objectives. This is among the findings of The State of Healthcare Analytics & Interoperability Study – Australia & New Zealand.

South Africa is embarking on a three-year program digitize 350 million civic paper records relating to birth, marriages, deaths, and amendments.

Hundreds of emails and files land in inboxes each day and are then forwarded, processed and archived. The torrent of data is endless. Standardised file types are essential for managing these huge quantities of data and to avoid ending up with a mishmash of different file formats.

The word ‘federation’ may bring to mind a governmental body, which is a fitting metaphor for understanding the concept of data federation.