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US firm Kyndi has launched a new intelligent search product based on its proprietary cloud AI platform. The Cognitive Search Platform is designed to understand the true intent of a business user inquiry against documents, emails, manuals, or other forms of textual data to return contextually relevant answers.

Alkymi, developer of Alkymi Data Inbox, has announced the launch of Alkymi Patterns, a tool that gives business users a simple way to identify and extract data in realtime to automate business processes running on email and documents.

Gimmal, a US provider of information governance software solutions, has announced a merger with Sherpa Software, adding its full data governance and eDiscovery capabilities to the Gimmal Discover product suite., a cognitive automation company, has announced the launch of Datolite, its patent-pending AI-powered Intelligent Document Processing Product for Enterprise.

The OpenBots RPA platform has expanded with the launch of a new intelligent document processing tool, OpenBots Documents. This SaaS-based Intelligent Document Processing solution solves for the challenge of having bots read structured and unstructured documents within automated processes.

PDFpen and PDFpenPro 13 are new version ofSmile’s all-purpose PDF editing tool for Mac. Version 13 introduces an updated UI, improved highlighting, MRC compression customisation, and for Pro users, replacing Table of Contents entries.

First American Financial Corporation, a global provider of title insurance, settlement services and risk solutions for real estate transactions, has been issued a patent for an innovative improvement to optical character recognition (OCR) technology that leverages artificial intelligence.

Crow Canyon Software has announced the release of NITRO Bot 2.0 for Microsoft Teams. The NITRO Bot is more than a Q&A or FAQ bot. It powers business process automation by its tight integration with Crow Canyon's NITRO Studio Forms and Workflow platform.

Box, Inc. has announced more advanced security features to prevent accidental data leaks and protect content in the cloud. These include enhanced auto-classification functionality that extends to existing content and new exception handling capabilities for Smart Access controls within Box Shield.
Box also rolled out a set of security improvements to its core product including identity and permission management updates.

Dynamsoft has updated its document capture software development kit with a new algorithm to improve security for images being used under its hood. It has also added support for 64-bit ARM and MIPS based devices, which enables document scanning and editing from more device platforms.