Breaking News

Box has added native e-signature capability, to users of its Business and Enterprise plans at no additional cost. Box Sign delivers unlimited signatures and a set of APIs, enabling businesses to digitise and modernize the way agreements are managed and governed in the cloud.

Dynamsoft has improved the speed and recognition accuracy of its barcode reader software development kit by 20 percent for dense QR codes used in applications like document automation processes, personnel management, and ID cards.

iText’s template-based PDF generator, iText DITO, is now available in AWS Marketplace. iText chose to make iText DITO available on AWS because it offers a simple, scalable way to deploy iText DITO SDK and close integration with other tools on its platform. 

​Nitro Software has announced the launch of Nitro Sign as a standalone subscription product as part of a new pricing and packaging model for the Nitro Productivity Platform.

Accusoft has announced the latest update to SmartZone, its data capture SDK for forms processing. The version 6.1 update expands the integration's language support for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) by adding 65 new languages, with a special emphasis on Central European, Cyrillic, Baltic, and Asian language groups.

Singapore-based Straive has announced the launch of its Straive Data Platform (SDP) focused on allowing organisations to derive actionable insights out of unstructured datasets. With its cloud-native and microservices-based architecture, SDP extracts and enriches data from any unstructured source and enables enterprises to harness the power of all data.

TDWI, a provider of education and research for analytics and data management, has launched a new online assessment tool for evaluating an enterprise’s level of data literacy. This questionnaire aims to objectively measure how well employees understand and interact with their data - and communicate the results of their analysis - enabling them to meet their organisation’s analytics needs.

Ephesoft has released Ephesoft Transact 2020.1.05. The latest version of Transact boasts advanced cloud native, AI-enabled handwriting recognition capabilities and an intuitive table rule builder, enabling organisations to turn handwriting (both print and cursive) and tables into structured data in record time, at high accuracy. 

ASX listed Knosys has acquired Australian vendor LIBERO, developer of Library Management Software (LMS) used by many public libraries or tertiary educations across Australia, for $A5 million in cash and shares.

Widen, maker of digital asset management (DAM) and product information management (PIM) software, has rolled out a new connector for Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office 365. Powered by CI HUB, a software company specializing in data and content integrations, the connector enables creatives to search, add, and sync their Widen Collective assets while working in Adobe and Microsoft applications.