Breaking News

Anomalo has expanded its platform that monitors the quality of structured data in data warehouses and data lakes to monitor unstructured text.

Automation Anywhere has announced its new AI + Automation Enterprise System infused with its second-generation GenAI Process Models to speed up discovery, development and deployment of AI process automations.

Baw Baw Shire Council is contacting residents after being notified of a cyber security incident involving an after-hours service provider. 

DryvIQ has announced new solutions designed to ensure unstructured data is secure, trusted, and always ready for pivotal business initiatives.

Quantiphi has released baioniq, its generative AI platform and Dociphi, its intelligent document processing SaaS platform, on Snowflake Marketplace, empowering enterprises across industries to automate workflows and revolutionize business processes through the power of generative AI.

Instabase AI Hub Chatbots promise to address deployment challenges in environments with the most stringent security requirements. They support all unstructured knowledge (including scanned documents, handwriting, etc.), providing reliable insights using an agent framework to solve complex multi-step tasks like financial analysis, and allowing users to verify every answer with references to the source knowledge.

eQuorum, a provider of engineering workflow and document management solutions, has launched a new technology called ScanNTap. This technology aims to improve workflow and maintenance management processes for organizations.

Contract lifecycle management (CLM) developer Sirion is acquiring Eigen Technologies, a specialist in data extraction and Document AI for financial services and insurance.

Nintex has announced new AI-powered improvements across the Nintex Process Platform that reduce the time required to document, manage, and automate business processes.

Ontotext, a provider of enterprise knowledge graph and semantic database engines, has updated Ontotext Metadata Studio (OMDS), a tool designed for knowledge graph enrichment through text analytics of unstructured documents.