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UK firm Noventiq has launched a serverless document management system (DMS) developed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using cutting-edge serverless architecture, Called uDMS, it eliminates the need for traditional server management, significantly reducing IT overheads and enhancing scalability and cost-effectiveness.

Elastic has announced the launch of Search AI Lake, to optimize realtime, low-latency applications such as search, retrieval augmented generation (RAG), observability, and security. Search AI Lake also drives the new Elastic Cloud Serverless offering, which simplifies operations by automatically scaling and managing workloads.

Epiq has added Gen AI Text Summarization within the Epiq Service Cloud. This latest feature, powered by Azure OpenAI Service, is adaptable and scalable to support a wide range of legal processes, including eDiscovery and investigations, deposition summaries, mediations, and trials.

Salesforce has announced AI-powered enhancements to its MuleSoft automation, integration, and API management solutions that help business users and developers improve productivity, simplify workflows, and accelerate time to value.

Inotec has introduced the new SCAMAX SORTER which enables the scanning and sorting of documents into up to five sorting trays: in just one pass; at full scanning speed; directly at the desk. The sorting attachment for its SCAMAX 3×1 and 6×1 document scanner series enables users to digitize and sort mixed stacks according to numerous criteria and events in a single pass.

Document Capture Technologies (DCT) has announced the SimpleECM Mobile Document Capture Software Development Kit (SDK), allowing developers a simplified tool to incorporate document capture functionality into their iOS, Android, and Kindle apps.

Altair has acquired Cambridge Semantics, a developer of data fabric technology designed to accelerate the creation of enterprise knowledge graphs and provide a single, simplified view of structured and unstructured enterprise data.

Collibra has today announced a set of tools to provide data professionals with the ability to start AI projects with trusted data at their fingertips. Collibra AI Governance promises full visibility and control, while ensuring the use of reliable data, across any tool, for every AI use case.

Hyland has launched a new intelligent content automation solution called Experience Automate (Hx Automate), one of the first services available through Hyland Experience (Hx), the company’s new cloud-native platform.

Ricoh has announced the acquisition of, a German software startup, offering artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled Intelligent Capture, advanced image recognition and optical character recognition (OCR) technologies. The acquisition was made by Ricoh Group company DocuWare, also headquartered in Germany, which Ricoh acquired in 2019.