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AvePoint Online Services (AOS) have been assessed to the security classification of PROTECTED, the highest level possible for an independent software vendor.

Compass UOL, a global company specialised in digital transformation, has developed a new solution that brings together the topic of the moment in the technology industry - ChatGPT – and the very well-known RPA (Robotic Process Automation) platforms.

Parashift, a provider of advanced machine learning-based document classification and data extraction software, has announced a technology partnership with BSI, a leading CRM and CX software company. 

Israeli developer Cognni has launched a new information risk-assessment product that uses proprietary AI to provide a comprehensive analysis of direct and indirect threats to critical business information, with a scan taking just minutes to complete.

Kensho Technologies, a company of S&P Global, has announced its newest Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution, Kensho Classify. Classify derives value from vast amounts of text and documents by making content more discoverable, enabling analysis of text, smart search, content recommendations, and streamlined research and analysis. 

An update to the KnowledgeLake platform expands its ability to help organizations solve their most complex business process and workflow automation challenges. The update also elevates the customer experience by simplifying document and data collection and providing greater transparency into the status of applications, transactions and other processes.

Concentric AI has released its 2022 Data Risk Report, which highlights a continued rise in oversharing of business-critical and sensitive documents.

Darktrace Newsroom is a new AI-driven system that continuously monitors open-source intelligence sources for new critical vulnerabilities and assesses each organisation’s exposure through its in-depth knowledge of their unique external attack surface.

US firm DryvIQ has secured a patent for its artificial intelligence-driven (A.I.) data classification and protection technology.

With the increasing volume of documents and data in modern business, managing and organizing them can be a daunting and time-consuming task., is an AI-powered document management platform designed to cut back on the hours employees spend on administrative tasks, such as looking for critical information within document review processes.