Breaking News

Smart Engines has announced a new generation of Smart ID Engine, its advanced identity scanner which now has a new AnyDoc mode, with more than 3, 000 ID templates recognised and significantly improved document scanning accuracy.

AppTek and  have entered into a strategic technology partnership to bring AI-based text analytics to dynamic audio content in multiple languages. The partnership leverages AppTek's leadership in Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technologies with's natural language understanding (NLU) capabilities to enable organizations to leverage audio content in the unstructured data sets that they manage for improving decision making and augmenting intelligent automation.

The version 10 release of the Astera Data Platform includes AI Capture, a new AI-powered data extraction feature in the ReportMiner module.

Inspectorio has introduced new document and collaboration technology that eliminates paper processes, streamlines workflows, and ensures regulatory compliance for the supply chain

CogniVision OneView is a new patented universal viewer for Microsoft SharePoint that is claimed to dramatically reduce the time to review and find information from search results - by a factor of ten.

Filevine, a legal work platform, has launched .vine, a document format designed for legal drafting. It powers Filevine Document Assembly, a document generation tool that replaces word processors such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Document Assembly auto-populates data, clauses and other information stored in Filevine to accelerate legal document generation and ensure accuracy.

Parashift, a provider of advanced machine learning-based document classification and data extraction software, has announced a technology partnership with IMTF, a leading global provider of RegTech solutions for financial firms.

Laserfiche has announced an expansion of its intelligent data handwriting recognition for Laserfiche Cloud. This allows organizations to extract handwritten text from semi-structured documents to expand the footprint of their business process automation.

Pinecone Systems Inc., a machine learning (ML) search infrastructure company, has announced the release of a keyword-aware semantic search solution that offers accessible and advanced combination of semantic and keyword search results.

A unified identity platform announced by Persona is designed to help businesses mitigate online fraud and meet ever-evolving compliance standards. The new Persona platform connects, centralizes and orchestrates all fragmented identity data, disparate systems and identity operations under a single infrastructure.