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Document Capture Technologies (DCT) has announced the SimpleECM Mobile Document Capture Software Development Kit (SDK), allowing developers a simplified tool to incorporate document capture functionality into their iOS, Android, and Kindle apps.

Altair has acquired Cambridge Semantics, a developer of data fabric technology designed to accelerate the creation of enterprise knowledge graphs and provide a single, simplified view of structured and unstructured enterprise data.

Collibra has today announced a set of tools to provide data professionals with the ability to start AI projects with trusted data at their fingertips. Collibra AI Governance promises full visibility and control, while ensuring the use of reliable data, across any tool, for every AI use case.

Hyland has launched a new intelligent content automation solution called Experience Automate (Hx Automate), one of the first services available through Hyland Experience (Hx), the company’s new cloud-native platform.

Ricoh has announced the acquisition of, a German software startup, offering artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled Intelligent Capture, advanced image recognition and optical character recognition (OCR) technologies. The acquisition was made by Ricoh Group company DocuWare, also headquartered in Germany, which Ricoh acquired in 2019.

The University of New South Wales is migrating its Records & Archives Management System (RAMS) to the Kapish Content Manager Cloud. 

Concentric AI has announced a new employee offboarding risk monitoring and reporting module that delivers data detection and response capabilities to identify true risk to data and secure sensitive information when employees leave a company.

Automation Anywhere has announced it is utilizing Google Cloud's Gemini models and Vertex AI platform to launch new generative-AI powered solutions developed on top of leading large language models and trained with anonymized metadata from more than 150 million automation processes across thousands of leading enterprise applications.

Baffle has announced new capabilities that allow organizations to secure structured and unstructured data when moving to and across the cloud. As organizations increasingly adopt GenAI, more and more data is being moved across the cloud, resulting in organizations needing to ensure privacy and review security practices to ensure that all data complies with relevant privacy regulations across regions.

Mindee has announced the release of docTI (Document Tailored Intelligence), an AI-powered optical character recognition (OCR) tool designed to revolutionize the way SaaS products process documents. The company claims it is the first intelligent document processing (IDP) tool on the market to allow the processing of any document type, in any language, without the requirement of data model training.