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IDology has published its 2024 Global Fraud Report, confirming increasing concerns about the impact of generative AI on fraud. With rapid advancements in AI, businesses expressed heightened concerns about the evolution of familiar types of fraud - such as synthetic identity fraud (SIF) and phishing - fuelled by generative AI.

HuLoop Automation (HuLoop) has announced the release of the newest version of HuLoop’s Unified Automation Software Platform (v6). The latest version features new technology capabilities in HuLoop’s platform, which is comprised of three components: Intelligent Productivity Discovery, Intelligent Process Automation and Intelligent Test Automation.

UiPath has announced several new features in its platform which infuse GenAI deeply into the UiPath Business Automation Platform to help businesses achieve greater outcomes with AI and automation.

Anomalo has expanded its platform that monitors the quality of structured data in data warehouses and data lakes to monitor unstructured text.

Cribl, the developer of a Data Engine for IT and Security, has announced Cribl Copilot, an AI-powered engineering partner to streamline the efficiency of IT and security data management.

Datadobi has announced the launch of StorageMAP 7.0, promising to provide deeper insights into unstructured data environments, facilitate informed decision-making, and enable policy driven data placement. These advancements are in direct response to the urgent need for businesses to manage the acute risk, cost, and opportunity associated with the rapidly increasing volume of unstructured data that is inundating most enterprises. has launched the Opal release of its AI-powered Intelligent Document Processing Product (IDP) suite offering integration with the latest LLMs, including OpenAI/ChatGPT, Azure OpenAI, Google Gemini, and Anthropic Claude.

Veritas Technologies has announced that Veritas Data Insight, which allows organizations to assess and mitigate unstructured and sensitive data compliance and cyber resilience risks, is now available in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) consumption model.

Symantec Endpoint Security, Symantec Network Protection and Symantec DLP Cloud solutions have completed the Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) assessment.

Hyperscience has announced a new solution that fine-tunes LLMs with ground truth documents embedded at the core of the enterprise.