In my career as a KM Consultant, I’ve often worked with organisations who have previously experienced failed KM initiatives and want to avoid repeating past mistakes. I’ve worked with an array of organisations spanning industries, size, and geography, yet the tales of Knowledge Management woe I encounter tend to be quite similar.

Independent law firm UMBRA – Strategic Legal Solutions has become the first Indonesian customer to adopt Luminance’s artificial intelligence platform.

In the span of 10 years, healthcare organisations have gone from having very little information available for data mining to nearly drowning in vast and complex digital information. Simultaneously, the effort required to enter and clean the data has been unsustainably high, affecting clinician morale and analysts' ability to extract insights for improving population health.

In 2017 Andie Fox, a recipient of Centrelink benefits, wrote a highly critical opinion piece on Centrelink’s debt recovery system, alleging that she was being pursued for a non-existent debt. In response Centrelink provided Ms Fox’s personal information, previous communications and claims history to a journalist who published an article claiming that Centrelink had been ‘unfairly castigated’ by Fox.

Some in the finance and banking industry are kicking goals with robotics process automation (RPA), AI and business process automation, but the industry still has few use cases in production, according to a recent report from Capgemini, “Growth in the Machine: How financial services can move intelligent automation from a cost play to a growth strategy.”

The Productivity Commission produced our final report on Availability and Use of Data in March last year. In the course of multiple inquiries by our organisation over the past decade, two things in the data world made it a clear priority for root and branch review.

Enterprises looking to enact blockchain technology must now also determine whether or not the information is subject to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Further, enterprises must explore if, at its core, blockchain is fundamentally a violation of GDPR.

Big data startup IXUP Limited has signed an agreement to pilot its software with Equifax Australia, the local operations of the global credit rating firm.

A trend toward greater flexibility in working arrangements is here to stay, but alongside its obvious benefits, new research shows an increase in the risk for breaches of confidential customer data.

RPA was initially invented to respond to the frustration of business people in large organixations with what they perceived, rightly or wrongly, as the inertia of their IT colleagues toward pressing business driven demands.