PDF/A – the ISO standard for long-term archiving – now has four sub-standards. This raises an obvious question: which one should businesses use for document conversion and archival?

Just last week another two large Australian businesses were hit by a cyber attack. Latitude Group Holdings confirmed that personal information of about 328,000 customers, including copies of drivers’ licenses were stolen. While IPH Ltd (an intellectual property services provider) discovered unauthorised access to their document management systems. Data and information theft is on the rise, with a recent report from Australia’s Information Commissioner showing that between July and December 2022, data breaches were up by 26%.

Anyone in Australia or New Zealand who has applied or received finance from Latitude Financial over the past seven years may have their identity documents compromised, according to an update on the major data breach revealed on March 16.

By now, we’re all familiar with the promises of automation: efficiency gains, relief from talent shortages, greater efficiency, and increased margins. Sounds like a no-brainer, but if that were true, there wouldn’t still be so many organizations that have not automated all or any of their processes. But why the ongoing hesitation?

An initial analysis of ChatGPT4 by Check Point Research (CPR),  the research arm of Check Point Technologies, has suggested the tool could be used to streamline development of Cyber Attacks and deliver them with more precision.

A global survey by Nutanix looked to measure enterprise progress with cloud adoption. It found that IT infrastructure is increasingly diverse with organisations challenged with integrating data management and control. The research showed that the majority of IT teams leverage more than one IT infrastructure, a trend that’s expected to intensify in the future, but struggle with visibility of data across environments with only 40% reporting complete visibility into where their data resides.

The use of Basic Authentication over the internet is as old as the basic standard for the world wide web. Its use was outlined in May 1996 as part of the standard for version 1.0 of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

Infosource Software has released its annual Capture & Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Vendor Matrix and accompanying report. The Global Matrix and Report ranks 20 leading Capture & IDP SW vendors, based on Strategy and Capabilities (y-axis) and Execution in the market (x-axis).

A survey of 500 cybersecurity leaders from the US, UK, and Australia who have deployed Microsoft 365 in their organisations found 92% were victims of phishing in the past 12 months, and 86% experienced negative consequences as a result.

It’s both my job and my passion to keep up on the latest developments in technology. But for my dad, who is happily retired and can go days without opening his email: not so much. When I was visiting my folks last week, I introduced my father to ChatGPT. After less than an hour of playing around with the sophisticated AI chatbot, he was obsessed and has since called me multiple times to discuss how he’s now using this AI in his day-to-day life.