Victorian legislation introduced to deal with the COVID 19 provided a challenge to Local Government Authorities in that state that still had many human touch points in their planning workflows.

The New South Wales Department of Customer Service (NSW DCS) has implemented an e-invoicing solution to  automate the procure-to-pay process for more than 41,000 invoices processed annually by its shared services centre, although it will continue to allow suppliers to send paper/PDF invoices.

Robots have already made their way in the manufacturing industry, where they are programmed in a way that they know exactly what they have to do, while the human presence is only there to control and monitor the automated processes. In order for this to work smoothly, the processes and materials to be processed have to be of exactly the same kind. In other words, they must be standardized. Only then, the 'colleague' robot can build the same part in the same place on a production line for e.g. a vehicle.

There you are again. Another day under those florescent lights in the basement room of some office building. The sound of the franking machine pushing letter after letter through. There are buckets of mail piled high against every wall.

Staff in the banking and financial services (FS) industry are three times more likely to follow processes “rigorously” than government workers, according to new research surveying senior decision-makers by Digital Intelligence company ABBYY. In fact, almost half (46%) of banking and FS workers rigorously follow the rules, compared to just 15% in government.

A famous 1990s New Yorker cartoon showed two dogs at a computer and a caption that read “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” The cartoon represents a digital past when people required few safeguards on the internet. People could explore a world of information without having every click tracked or their personal data treated as a commodity.

The recent questioning of the heads of Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple in the US Congress has highlighted the threat their practices pose to our privacy and democracy.However these big four companies are only part of a vast, sophisticated system of mass surveillance.

A Commonwealth Ombudsman's inquiry into Australia's National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), triggered by a surge in complaints over the time taken to process requests for assistive technology by the disabled, has zeroed in on records and email management practices as a source of delay.

The FBI’s robots have arrived in Virginia. And they’re ready to be fed. Inside the Bureau’s cavernous new Central Records Complex in Winchester, a squad of automated, wheeled robots have dutifully begun the enormous task of filing away millions of paper records from FBI offices around the country.

Almost two years since the launch of the Sydney start-up, IDM asked Sypht CEO Warren Billington to outline the growth and development of the company’s cloud-based AI-as-a-service platform for data capture.