It’s now well known that usernames and passwords aren’t enough to securely access online services. A recent study highlighted more than 80% of all hacking-related breaches happen due to compromised and weak credentials, with three billion username/password combinations stolen in 2016 alone. As such, the implementation of two-factor authentication (2FA) has become a necessity. Generally, 2FA aims to provide an additional layer of security to the relatively vulnerable username/password system.

The NSW Crown Solicitor’s Office (CSO), through Micro Focus implementation partners Citadel and Microsearch, has recently completed its move to cloud with Content Manager Select, combining an innovative managed service solution with a content search and information retrieval solution using IDOL.

With an ever-growing diversity of digital channels, it should be easier than ever for your customers to interact with you. But as you try to support more digital touchpoints, is it affecting the quality of the experience you’re delivering?

As companies store more unstructured data, companies find that it’s taking an ever-bigger cut of the IT budget. That is forcing some firms widen the search for solutions that can help them better manage it, according to a new survey from Data Analysis form Komprise.

Imagine you’re having friends over for lunch and plan to order a pepperoni pizza. You recall Amy mentioning that Susie had stopped eating meat. You try calling Susie, but when she doesn’t pick up, you decide to play it safe and just order a margherita pizza instead. People take for granted the ability to deal with situations like these on a regular basis. In reality, in accomplishing these feats, humans are relying on not one but a powerful set of universal abilities known as common sense.

Imperva’s 2021 DDoS Threat Landscape Report found the Asia Pacific region was the top target for network DDoS attacks in H1 2021, making up 46% of all attacks. A third (33%) of all network DDoS attacks targeted Taiwan. The Philippines - the number one target in H1 2020 - still featured in the top five but decreased significantly from 35% to 12%.

When Activity Based Funding (ABF) was introduced in 2015, all hospitals in Australia were paid on the number and mix of patients they treat. These activities, or episodes as they are called, are recorded using codes from the ICD-10-AM/ACHI and AR-DRG classifications developed in Australia from the World Health Organization (WHO) classifications.

The latest Notifiable Data Breaches Report highlights how the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) expects entities to prevent and respond to data breaches caused by ransomware and impersonation fraud.

Clients of Information Management and Governance (IMG) specialist, iCognition, have received Micro Focus Software Realize Customer Awards at the Micro Focus Information Management and Governance Forum 2021. Perpetual Limited received the award for Financial Services Information Management Modernisation, and Griffith University received the award for Technology Excellence.

GWA Group Limited (GWA), one of Australia’s leading suppliers of building fittings and fixtures, has implemented NICE CXone as part of its digital transformation and technology overhaul to support its transition to a digital-first cloud contact centre platform.