Since the inception of the home printer, one question has bewildered humanity: How do you predict the point at which the quality of the printed page will decline to such a degree that any residual ink in the cartridge isn’t worth extracting? Or, to put it more simply, when should you replace the ink, and thus, when do you need to buy more ink?

Located in the south-eastern coastal region of NSW, Shoalhaven City Council has completed a project to integrate the TechnologyOne OneCouncil suite with its Content Manager (CM) platform to ensure continuity for record-keeping and maintaining a single source of truth.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has successfully completed a pilot with Satsyil and Instabase’s automation platform to help automate signature extraction from inventor oaths for use with validation of micro entity certifications.

Despite a 2% reduction in the number of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests received by Australian Commonwealth Government agencies in 2021-2022 Financial Year, FOI processing costs jumped by 5%, driven largely by increased expenditure on legal advice and litigation.

ProcessMaker has announced the acquisition of the intelligent document processing specialist Doculayer, based in Amsterdam. Through the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence, Doculayer can classify and extract meaning and data from documents.  Doculayer’s intelligence can handle not only structured data that resides in known forms and tables, but also completely unstructured data from images, chats, emails, and more.

A startup that includes includes the product, design, and engineering leaders from Gmail and Google Calendar has announced a $US5M seed round and the early access launch of their collaborative workflow product, Relay.

New details have emerged on the severity of the Medibank hack, which has now affected all users. Optus, Medibank, Woolworths, and, last Friday, electricity provider Energy Australia are all now among the household names that have fallen victim to a data breach.

The University of Western Australia is the oldest university in WA, opening in 1913 with just 184 students. Today, there are more than 27,000 students, and their activity generates an average of around 250,000 individual student records annually which need to be captured into Micro Focus Content Manager.

One: There are different understandings of the terminology within the same organisation

Imperva has new data that shows cyberattacks against Australia in 2022 has grown in both frequency and severity at a rate that outpaces the global average.