Helia (formerly Genworth),  one of Australia’s leading Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) providers for the residential market, has been recognised for its innovation in using the Appian Platform across multiple departments to automate processes and transform operations into an interconnected workplace. Using Appian, Helia automated its claims management workflows and reduced the processing time from two days to less than 10 minutes, dramatically improving their lender customer experience.

Identifying Data Owners is something that many people struggle with when they are starting out in Data Governance. When multiple different teams use that data it can often confuse matters, which is why I think this is a good question to answer.

With all the recent focus on ChatGPT, there is great anticipation over the bold progress expected with its application across the legal industry, particularly when it comes to eDiscovery search. This milestone makes me recall when Apple’s Siri app was launched for the first time in October of 2011 – it, too, offered some significant efficiency gains ahead of its time. To this day, its application also gives the most unexpected and sometimes humorous results when used.

Capture is dead, long live capture! 25 years ago, turning a paper document into a digital image was a rather big challenge. One needed these unwieldy devices called scanners and document capture application software.

ISACA has released results from its 2023 annual survey on digital trust, which reveals a significant gap between the importance of digital trust and the organisational changes being implemented to realise this. Only 29 percent of respondents in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) plan to increase budgets in the next year to achieve digital trust and only 13 percent have a dedicated digital trust role.

Data governance is becoming an increasingly critical aspect of modern businesses as organisations rely more and more on data to drive decision-making and create value. Master data governance automation presents a significant opportunity for organisations to achieve these objectives by automating routine data management tasks and improving data visibility, accessibility, and quality.

Organizations struggling to obtain a company-wide commitment to cybersecurity vigilance can get help from a new resource produced by CompTIA, the nonprofit association for the information technology (IT) industry and workforce.

UK multinational Ideagen has acquired Australia’s OnePlace Solutions, a developer of solutions to simplify document and records management in Microsoft 365.

Did you know that the volume of enterprise content is expected to increase by 4.5x over the next two years? If you’re facing information management challenges such as siloed data, content sprawl, disjointed workflows and multiple disparate systems, strong and reliable integrations can help!

In the few months since OpenAI’s ChatGPT language model has roused public attention, there has been enormous interest and speculation about what they can do and how valuable they might become. In the records domain, where practitioners have long been overwhelmed by the exponentially growing volumes of born-digital data that they are expected to manage, these large language models (LLMs) could become a real game changer.