Asia–Pacific (APAC) public sector organisations have yet to develop a clear understanding of the importance of data and the emerging role of the chief data officer (CDO) to the organisation, according to a report by Qlik and Omdia.

International medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company Sectra has deployed its software for digital pathology at Southern Sun Pathology, the largest dedicated skin cancer lab in Australia. They are among the first in Australia to implement a digital workflow within clinical pathology, enabling more efficient sharing of resources, competence, and images—thus facilitating better cancer care.

Every business is unique, which means no two migration journeys are exactly the same. That said, there are some common themes that information managers should consider when migrating to Microsoft 365 from a legacy system.

One of the best ways to be more productive is to take advantage of the technology already at your fingertips. Because it's easy to fall into a routine with technology and use it the way you always have, it's easy to miss new or improved features added to the application over time. Unless we understand how different features can help us today, we're unlikely to learn how to use them.

One thing that is common for every human being on the planet is that none of us were born with a celestial gift of knowing everything. From the very moment we are born, our learning journey starts, even if we don’t realise it.

I don’t think many will disagree when I say that the last 12 months have been a challenge for everyone, both personally and professionally. Whether it be managing a new working from home environment, no face-to-face meetings or interaction, home schooling or ripping up and re-writing IT strategies, it’s been a huge learning curve.

A leading provider of innovative insurance products and services, DKG Insurance Brokers chose to adopt an automation-first mindset during 2020. Their goals? To create exceptional customer experiences and opportunities for their employees; and build a more competitive, future-ready business.

A new report by MIT Technology Review Insights explores how decision-makers from leading organizations excel by deploying advanced cloud-based technologies, including analytics and machine learning capabilities.

PDF/A has become an important digital document format as governments and regulatory agencies strive to ensure that the documents they create, accept, and retain will remain usable. The addition of the VeraPDF capabilities to Datalogics PDF Checker version 2.1 will allow users to check for PDF/A compliance and conformance levels while processing documents in their digital workflows.

Every year, companies face the inevitable prospect of adding additional terabytes of new storage resources to their numerous, overloaded, and expensive enterprise storage repositories to keep up with the constantly growing storage requirements. These storage repositories include application-specific repositories, on-premises email archives, department share drives, individual employee "home" drives, SAN/NAS devices, employee cloud accounts, SharePoint systems, to name just a few.