E-invoicing is not a new concept. Electronic invoices have been around for a while, in several different formats, standards, and names. All claiming to connect buyers and suppliers digitally and more efficiently.

The NSW Government has deployed Pega software to help simplify its building bond management process through the newly created Strata Hub. By digitising the Strata Building Bond and Inspections Scheme (SBBIS) with a new online site and mobile app, NSW Government is delivering transparency, speed, and accountability for developers, inspectors, and building owners. 

As the adoption of Peppol eInvoicing continues to accelerate across Australia and NZ, there are some organisations that remain hesitant about exchanging procurement documents via the Peppol network. 

All organizations are notorious for hoarding data. Whether it is research data, customer data, marketing data or another type of data, businesses are savvy to the power of data-driven insights and are keen to hold onto whatever data they can glean in case it could provide business value through analytics.

Electronic health records (EHRs) have been widely adopted with the hope they would save time and improve the quality of patient care. But due to fragmented interfaces and tedious data entry procedures, physicians often spend more time navigating these systems than they do interacting with patients

Because I am both a cheapskate and own some screwdrivers, I’ve repaired my share of major appliances. Not long ago, in the midst of a more-urgent-than-usual repair, I needed a part.

Foir the modern law firm, staying competitive and profitable requires being able to retrieve and action critical information in a timely manner. 

The winner of a tender to perform appraisal on more 5000 standard archive boxes of records held at The Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) Head Office in Kingston, Tasmania will open each box with an equal dose of excitement and trepidation, as the AAD has no idea of the number of files contained within these boxes, or the number of pages.

US Federal government agencies have missed multiple deadlines to transition from paper to web-based forms, and a new report has found only a tiny percentage of US government forms are compliant with a law meant to spur digitisation.

The Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)) market is going through an interesting phase - a lot of new players have entered the market and all of them make similar claims about their AI and use of Machine Learning Technologies. We have worked with customers who were led to believe that they are using an AI platform for IDP but found out very late in the process that the product used very minimal machine learning. Just enough to give them a check in the box that they are using ML but hardly enough to make a difference for the customers.