The latest release of Komprise Intelligent Data Management introduces self-service features for line of business (LOB) IT, analytics and research teams. Now, central IT can authorize departmental end users to interactively monitor usage metrics, data trends, tag and search data and identify datasets for analytics, tiering and deletion.

Medicare has admitted that customer data, including medical claims information, is included in 200GB of data that has been obtained by a hacker. In a statement to the Australian Stock Exchange, Medibank said it had been contacted by a criminal who provided a sample of records for 100 customer policies.

A study into the Future of Data Architecture study has revealed major discrepancies in how data architecture and management is viewed across organizations – with central data and analytics teams generally satisfied with the future viability of their data landscapes, but business users unconvinced that existing architecture is modern enough to meet constantly evolving business needs.

Cybersecurity threats are becoming more challenging for businesses. According to PurpleSec’s Cyber Security Trend Report in 2021, cybercrime surged by 600% during the pandemic, increasing the costs incurred by cybercrimes at an astonishing rate. An effective cyber risk management program is indispensable to protecting your organization against cyberattacks. A risk management strategy should include using risk quantification methodologies to measure cyber risk and understand the potential financial impact.

In the past three weeks, three cyber attacks resulted in identity leaks that have sent ripples around Australia. Has the triple-A of cyber security (Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting) failed? 

One result of the widespread enterprise adoption of Microsoft 365 is the need to move users from one instance of the suite to a new or different instance: a tenant-to-tenant (T2T) migration. These are high-stakes projects, and downtime during the migration or an incomplete migration can seriously impact the business. On the plus side, organisations are finding that an advanced third-party migration tool will mitigate the business risk.

Micro Focus has released the findings of the 2022 Digital Challenges in the Public Sector study, created in partnership with Omdia, which examines the common technology trends facing the Australian public sector. While it was revealed technology investment is increasing across Australia, with more than 50 per cent of respondents anticipating an IT spending rise during the next 18 months, the public sector is facing a perfect storm driven by skills shortages, increased demand, and capabilities of legacy systems. 

Your hard work is finally paying off: after months of planning, preparing, and piloting, you are finally ready to launch your new Microsoft 365 (M365), Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, or other collaboration platforms. Your team is on its way to better digital collaboration and streamlined productivity. Once it’s implemented, you can finally relax, right?

Not all MFA solutions are the same, with recent studies demonstrating simple ways to subvert more common methods which are used to lodge cyber-attacks. Furthermore, people also prefer different MFA options depending on their needs and level of tech savviness. So what are the options currently available, their pros and cons, and who are they suited for?

Hundreds of Carlberg Group beers in more than 150 markets will now arrive to their destinations significantly faster using ABBYY intelligent process automation. Carlsberg Group, one of the world’s leading brewery groups, chose ABBYY to automate its order and delivery processes, thereby accelerating time to market and customer satisfaction.