PDF/A has always been an important part of document management, and the Adobe PDF Library offers support for creating PDF/A documents that can adhere to Part 2 and Part 3 of the standard.  This means you can create a Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3 PDF/A-compliant document. 

Medical systems and processes in the healthcare sector are becoming increasingly digital and Internet technologies are being used to speed up and improve the quality of the patient care. New analysis of medical image archiving systems being used across the globe by Greenbone Networks, a German cybersecurity firm, shows where things can go wrong.

Enterprises today are focused on ensuring robust data governance, and are exploring different tools and approaches to support their efforts. Some organizations know exactly what they need, while others can be overwhelmed or confused by all the different solutions out there that claim to support data governance.

The scale and speed at which data and information is being generated today makes it challenging for organizations to effectively capture valuable insights from massive amounts of information and diverse sources.

IT and risk management professionals must speak the same language to more effectively incorporate the benefits and uncertainties associated with data and technology into the organisations’ overall strategy and to add value, according to a newly published, complimentary white paper from ISACA and RIMS,

SA Courts Administration Authority (CAA) Records Manager Matthew Fry has been announced as the winner of the inaugural Bernadette Bean SA Records Management Service Excellence Award.

Digital transformation can lead to more revenue, higher profits, increased market share, and improved efficiency. It also can help an organization keep loyal customers, increase customer satisfaction, and rapidly resolve problems. Do not expect that this is only an IT effort although IT and the network are integral to the digital transformation success.

I seem to get this question a lot these days from end users, vendors, and even friends wanting to be in the tech market. “Why can’t I just build a content services platform (CSP) from scratch.” Let’s look at that same scenario but with a database.

Our society’s historical record is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Think of all the information that you create today that will be part of the record for tomorrow. More than half of the world’s population is online and may be doing at least some of the following: communicating by email, sharing thoughts on Twitter or social media or publishing on the web.

Managing the accounts payable department can be a challenging task. Companies are often tripped up by manual data entry errors, lost paper invoices, missing information and delayed approvals. Beyond wasting time and eroding efficiency, these stumbling blocks can also lead to financial loss – especially when gaps in poorly managed processes result in overpayments or facilitate fraud.