Document Management still a Pervasive Obstacle in Today's Workplace

Document management is still among the most prevalent pain points that plague corporates, according to a study by Nintex, the developer of intelligent process automation (IPA) software.

The study found that 39 percent of employees at US companies with more than 1,000 employees observe broken document management and sales processes within their organisation. These broken processes then contribute to attrition.

More than two-thirds of respondents say their company's broken processes prevent them from maximising their potential, and 86 percent of employees actively looking for new jobs say their company's broken processes were a factor in their decision.

Activities related to document management identified as a 'broken process' by respondents include:

  • 49 percent cite locating documents
  • 43 percent cite document sharing
  • 43 percent cite document approval requests
  • 41 percent cite pulling and finding data on sales (number of closed sales, etc.)
  • 34 percent completing and filing new client paperwork
  • 33 percent cite document versioning


"Revamping document management processes may not intuitively be a top priority for the C-suite but it is an easy problem to solve with great upside," said Nintex SVP of Technology Strategy Ryan Duguid.

"As work increasingly requires organisations to collaborate across departments, efficient file sharing platforms are becoming a necessity. Additionally, because prospects and customers expect more personalised communication than ever before, sellers must be able to access and pull customer data quickly and easily. These document management processes are the foundation of a business's success and current inefficiencies should not be ignored."

The top five most broken processes identified by the Nintex study include:

  • Technology troubleshooting
  • Access to tools and documents that enable good job performance
  • Annual performance reviews
  • Promotions
  • Employee onboarding


The full study is available HERE



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