NAA sets new standard for government IM

The National Archives of Australia has launched a new Australian Government standard to help manage the government’s growing business information.

The new Information Management Standard outlines principles to help agencies meet business, government and community needs in relation to how information is managed across the sector.

The National Archives will review how agencies are performing against the Standard as part of its regular survey and evaluation of the Australian Government information management environment

‘Recent government inquiries including into the Home Insulation Program and Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse have highlighted the need to keep evidence of government decisions and interactions, and the importance of this personal information to the individuals involved,’ Mr Fricker said.

‘The Information Management Standard sets a firm foundation for agencies so they can plan for, conduct and monitor their information management practices. The standard also provides a basis for agencies and the Archives to review their performance.’

The National Archives’ expectations for creation and management of Australian Government business information are clarified in the standard and embrace the opportunities offered by an increasingly digital government environment.

‘Information can be created anywhere, anytime and through a variety of means including social media and email,’ Mr Fricker said.

‘With that in mind this standard outlines the need for business information to be created, kept and managed appropriately, and to ensure key government deliberations and decisions are documented to support robust advice, sound business process and open and accountable government.’

The standard is consistent with the International Standard ISO 15489 (2016) on Records Management and offers a practical approach to maximising the business benefits of well-managed information in the Australian Government. It applies to both digital and analogue information and aligns with the National Archives’ Digital Continuity 2020 Policy.

‘Some digital information created today will be of national significance and preserved as part of the National Archives’ collection. In issuing this standard, the Archives is ensuring that valuable business information is created and can be preserved and made available into the future for the benefit of all Australians,’ Mr Fricker said.

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