ANZ universities gain new advanced analytics and big data platform

RoZetta Technology, an Australian based advanced analytics and data management provider, has partnered with sister company SIRCA to build, deploy and manage an enhanced and technically superior analytics and data collaboration platform to over 30 Australian and New Zealand universities.

The platform which is a fully managed service offering will allow academic researchers and students the opportunity to access, collaborate and innovate with vast amounts of previously unavailable financial data. SIRCA launched the service at the largest academic Financial and Accounting Conference in Adelaide.

The SIRCA Gateway platform offers advanced cloud based tools and services to source and analyse enormous and varied datasets in real-time. The platform is highly scalable, enabling additional universities to be easily added as well as providing flexibility to extend the services and capabilities to teachers and students in related undergraduate courses.

RoZetta’s broad portfolio of financial markets data, which resides on the platform, has also been expanded. The new platform now includes data from Morningstar which is renowned for its breadth and depth of global financial and accounting information.

Using its years of data engineering and analytics expertise, Rozetta rapidly built the platform enabling the ingestion and aggregation of a vast number and array of data sets, enriching it and presenting it for analytic research or to create an environment for further research and collaboration.  Sharing data is a fairly new concept for researchers and this platform aims to facilitate collaboration not only within a university but creates an eco-system for all researchers globally.  

David Sharp, CEO, RoZetta, said, “Part of RoZetta’s proven approach and methodology is to take the time necessary to understand how the end user interacts and uses the data to ensure they can derive maximum value and benefits. Initial feedback from PhD students has been positive.  They have highlighted massive time savings, efficiencies and flexibility from the platform.

“The opportunity to conduct research and innovation across a range of issues that were previously just not possible was prised during the trial period”.

Built on the Amazon Web Services Cloud, RoZetta developed the powerful analytics platform with a range of market leading big data tools and products, including the Databricks Analytics and Collaboration Platform. This technology coupled with RoZetta’s deep data science and engineering skills has delivered a solution that enables and fosters community based access, research and development.

The SIRCA Gateway now allows researchers analyse data in the AWS Cloud with all the benefits that cloud computing brings. Powerful, cloud based processing, combined with new data sets and tools, helps researchers accelerate analytic processes, test hypotheses, and promote more effective collaboration wherever they are.

Using the SIRCA platform, researchers are now able to join datasets, introduce external data sets, share their analysis, and work collaboratively with members, building a true global online academic community. This initiative also provides a clearer path to commercialisation for academics whose research is often related to growing the economy or increasing the transparency of markets for end consumers.

The new data and platform capabilities are a significant step forward in providing the research community with economies of scale and ease of access to new data sets and compute power. The cost savings for universities are significant when fully deployed.

David Sharp said, “The SIRCA Gateway is a further example of the company’s pioneering culture as it connects best-of-breed data sets with serious compute power. It allows our subscribers to swiftly build and deploy advanced analytics solutions, and bridge the gap between raw data and insights. We look forward to presenting new and expanded data sets quickly and cost-effectively to our community. The platform was designed to add new data sets and link to core data and we look forward to working collaboratively with our members”.

Researchers, students and teachers across Australia and New Zealand will be able to use this new platform in the AWS Cloud to not only reduce the cost of research but to shorten ‘time to science’ by taking advantage of the economies of scale and ease of access to new data sets and compute power.

Professor Stephen Taylor, head of Financial Accounting, UTS, said, “The SIRCA Gateway will be a key enabler of financial market research, and will be welcomed by our academic research community. The SIRCA Gateway provides a unique opportunity for anyone who wants better insights into large-scale and complex financial markets data. It not only provides new and extensive data sets, it also lets researchers save time, control their analytics using their preferred programming language, and collaborate more easily.”

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