ISYS tackles enterprise search speed bumps

ISYS Search Software has announced the release of its next generation Enterprise 10.0 product, promising enterprise search at speeds up to four times faster than previous versions. A free trial is available at

The new version features ISYS 1-Click FileFinder indexing, analytics and search technology, as well there are seven major new application features.

ISYS ResearchAccelerator is a customisable interface that lets business users search and refine the results the way they want – and make the information easily available and actionable for others.

ISYS InformationMap offers an advanced visual navigation tool that lets business users see and explore the links between pieces of information.

The new Timeline Refinement Bar makes large results sets easy to navigate and ensures users know they’re getting to the most accurate and recent versions of documents.

ISYS Enterpirise 10.0 introduces Multi-core Indexing, which promises to significantly improve indexing speed and robustness, with multiple ‘worker tasks’ able to handle unlimited filename lengths and unlimited document container depths.

Users can now view common document formats (like MS Office, Adobe PDF) the way they were intended, with full layout, fonts, images and hit-highlighting. ISYS Enterprise 10.0 can search by document type extension across 400+ document, file and email types.

Also, there are native 32-bit and 64-bit Server Versions to allow organisations to make use of their existing hardware.

“ISYS Enterprise 10.0 is a major leap forward for Enterprise Search.” said Scott Coles, CEO, ISYS Search.

“Every one of these new features is a direct result of customer feedback, and serves to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to product innovation and our long-term commitment to a technology that delivers real improvements in employee and business productivity‛.

A free trial is available at


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