Objective adds to Federal Government Cloud options

Objective Corporation has expanded the range of its offerings available through the Australian federal government “Cloud Panel”, placing them on a list of approved suppliers

Objective Committees and Objective ECM for Small Agencies have been added to the Department of Finance Data Centre as a Service Multi Use List (DCaaS MUL). 

Tony Walls, CEO of Objective Corporation said, “We are pleased to have our agreement to supply the Federal Government expanded to include Objective Committees and Objective ECM for Small Agencies, with the Department of Finance on their Data Centre as a Service Multi Use List. 

“With the addition of these products to the DCaaS MUL, federal government organisations can now easily purchase solutions which have been engineered in Australia to solve their business challenges while increasing efficiency and productivity.”

Objective Committees offers a single interface for managing all aspects of the committee lifecycle, with the ability to track all actions, manage agendas and record meeting minutes. 

Objective ECM for Small Agencies is an Information Management solution for small Australian state and federal public sector organisations, preconfigured and delivered from the cloud. 

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