Accusoft adds document comparison and image tools

Development tool vendor Accusoft has announced the release of PrizmDoc v13.0, the newest version of its document viewing and imaging web APIs.

The most significant new feature in PrizmDoc v13.0 is document comparison. This allows end users to analyse changes made to the original version of a Microsoft Word document. The user selects an original file as well as an updated version, and all changes (additions, deletions, etc.) to the original are shown in the newer document and hotlinked for quick access.

Comparison is especially useful for documents such as contract terms and addendums, organisational charts and corporate standards and procedures.

Other advances in image viewing technology include: new gamma adjustment, image sharpening and line thickening tools to enhance viewing of vector-based and pixel-based images, allowing users to produce renderings more refined than ever.

The image enhancement tools are particularly useful for medical, engineering and architectural applications, making online viewing of images such X-rays, blueprints and CAD drawings easier. Organisations with scanned documents and images will also find the image enhancement tools useful for making scanned images more legible and easier to read in the web viewer.

PrizmDoc utilizes HTML5 document viewing and operates in a web browser with no additional software required.

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