George Weston Foods simplifies reporting with SnapLogic

Australian and New Zealand-based food manufacturer George Weston Foods will automate and streamline operational reporting to various business lines via the the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud.

George Weston Foods analyses hundreds of thousands of data sets to streamline its supply chain. However, consolidating, cross-referencing and achieving consistency in data has historically been a challenge. Previously, users from different teams would use the same sets of data and analyse them through Excel but produce varied outcomes.

The SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud allows George Weston Foods to seamlessly align its supply chain and manufacturing operations to meet sales projections, accurately measure revenues and mitigate potential losses. George Weston Foods can now export and move data from SAP BW, and other applications into Amazon Redshift and Amazon S3. Business users can then quickly pull data from Amazon Redshift into Tableau to build reports ranging from sales and finance to operations and supply chain metrics.

“We consulted with leading industry analyst firms to determine vendors that wouldn’t require an investment in hardware or headcount to manage the integrations of our shifting hybrid IT environment of cloud and on-premises applications,” said Stephen Mackay, solutions architect at George Weston Foods.

“We have a lean IT team from an operational perspective, so we needed to have a solution that was affordable, agile and easily adoptable — SnapLogic was the only solution that checked off all those requirements. We’re confident we now have the right partner to scale with us as we continue to grow.”

With SnapLogic, George Weston Foods has dramatically reduced the time needed to build integrations and deliver data to business groups across the company. Business teams can now draw data from a centralized application to confidently make business decisions with accurate data reports.

While simple integrations, such as connecting SAP and, historically took weeks to develop, the time to integrate with SnapLogic was reduced down to days. Mr. Mackay and the team at George Weston Foods were able to provide the business with data and records three times faster than what it would previously take. Over 10 percent of business users, or about 350 people, rely on data pushed through SnapLogic to create rich data visualizations and reports.

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