Redwood Software broadens robotics support

Redwood Software has announced the launch of its latest Redwood Robotics solution, an evolution of its existing technology that taps into its catalogue of more than 35,000 plug-and-play robots. The updated offering includes a revamped interface, and now supports wider processes across HR, IT operations, supply chain and others.

Business users are empowered to define robotic business processes without having to resort to scripting and low-level user interface-based manipulation. This allows them to shift the focus from worrying about controlling the RPA tool, to improving the process and delivering value to the business.

The solution delivers across the whole lifecycle from defining the process, interacting with systems, manipulating and managing data and applying business rules and logic. In addition, it manages the interactions with people whose skill and knowledge is still required and orchestrates this end-to-end across the whole enterprise.

“In the last few years, the robotic process automation market has fallen short on delivering the value promised to businesses. For organizations deploying legacy RPA tools, the gap between hype and reality is becoming painfully evident in the resources needed for maintenance and deployment alone,” says Dennis Walsh, President of Americas and APAC at Redwood Software, “Businesses have come to us looking to resolve the issues that first generation RPA cannot cost or time-effectively address.

In November last year, Redwood Software announced the release of its new Plug & Play robot catalogue for Oracle EBS and PeopleSoft suites, delivering up to 100% automation for organizations while also offering accelerated delivery and greater levels of flexibility.