Natural Language Processing Applications in Business

Quantzig, a global analytics solutions provider, has published an analysis of 5 natural language processing (NLP) applications in business. NLP is gradually going mainstream with Siri, Google, and Alexa communicating with users and decoding the language spoken by them.

It is also being used by many organizations to enhance the efficiency of their documentation processes, improve the accuracy of documentation, and find the most pertinent information from large databases.

Business applications of natural language processing include:

Chatbots to optimize HR: Over the past few years, organizations have realized the potential of this technology and have started using it for operations that contain optimizing HR. These bots can reply to employee queries such as “when does my insurance need renewal” or “How many paid leaves do I have left”.

Sentiment analysis: Attaining customer insights is one of the key fundamentals for businesses to know where they stand in the market and the developments that need to be made. NLP is a tool for businesses to find and evaluate the responses of customers regarding the messages published to the business on social media. It helps to recognize the tone of the message or the emotional state of the writer of the post. It is executed through a combination of statistics and NLP. Precise values are allocated to the text (positive, negative or neutral) and, in turn, efforts are made to find the underlying mood of the users.

Customer service: NLP is a powerful way for organizations to gain deeper insights into audience preferences, tastes, and perceptions. It makes use of speech separation, where artificial intelligence is used to find each voice to the matching speaker and answer each of the callers distinctly. This will guarantee personalized customer care, which therefore results in improved customer satisfaction.

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