Lucidworks and Igloo Team Up for smarter Digital Workplace

Igloo Software, a provider of digital workplace solutions, is partnering with California-based Lucidworks to leverage its artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing technology to improve search speed and relevancy.

Lucidworks, based in San Francisco, is a developer of AI-powered search and discovery. Its technology will power sophisticated employee experiences for Igloo customers by finding correlations across human, machine, and application generated data in real-time and at scale.

According to IDC, total worldwide data will swell to 163 zettabytes by 2025, 10 times the amount today and the majority of this will be created and managed by enterprises. Another study by McKinsey cites knowledge workers spend a day a week looking for internal information or tracking down colleagues who can help with specific tasks.

This exponential growth in the creation, capture, and storage of digital information is placing huge limitations on enterprises today and the ability of employees to find relevant content quickly through traditional search technology. With Lucidworks, Igloo will offer intelligent enterprise search that greatly enhances information discoverability with faster, relevant search results.

“We’re building the future of search right here at Igloo today, and our partnership with Lucidworks will allow us to deliver a new standard for an intelligent search experience for our customers – one suited to exceed the requirements of today and beyond,” said Dan Latendre, Founder and CEO of Igloo Software.

“By integrating Lucidworks technology into our digital workplace platform, customers will have access to a powerful search engine for the discovery of both corporate knowledge assets as well as people.”

“It’s refreshing to partner with a company like Igloo who takes search as serious as we do,” said Grant Ingersoll, Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Lucidworks. “Igloo’s vision for its next-generation search – moving from a keyword to AI, to unified search – has been well planned and once fully implemented will be a real game changer. We’re honoured to partner with Igloo at every step of the way and be part of this journey.” Australia 1 800 247 940


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