Automatic Link Fixing for SharePoint migrations

LinkTek Corporation has released the latest version of its LinkFixer Advanced automatic link handling software, Version 4.4, promising to save companies moving to SharePoint thousands of hours in protecting their links during the migration.

The technical aspect of the release is that users will no longer be required to map network drives to each SharePoint site collection. This is significant because many organizations have hundreds or even thousands of SharePoint sites. Users will now simply just specify the URL of each SharePoint site collection to grant LinkFixer Advanced access to all their files stored within them.

LinkTek's Executive Vice President for Operations, Oscar Albornoz, stated, "Getting our multithreading to work with files online in SharePoint seemed like an insurmountable task. We really had to rethink a lot of our assumptions, but in the end the development team pulled it off."

Since its launch in 2001, SharePoint has been growing rapidly and now that growth is moving online. Current estimates are that SharePoint is used by 80% of Fortune 500 companies and that is now starting to trickle down to smaller enterprises. As a result, a growing number of organizations are looking for tools to make the migration as pain-free as possible.

Mr. Albornoz continued, "I can't tell you how many companies we have spoken to that have done a migration without a full set of tools, like LinkFixer Advanced. Like Humpty Dumpty, it is hard to put the pieces back together again. With this release, we have taken most of the friction out of the process of protecting your links during the migration."


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