Enterprise Content Management

Ephesoft has signed a technology collaboration with Automation Anywhere, to combine their document capture and RPA technologies.

Kapish has released goTRIM Pro 3.0, a complete re-write of the existing goTRIM application for mobile users of Micro Focus Content Manager (CM).

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume your organization is like most others when it comes to AI: you know what it is, you believe in its promise and you’re eager to see what it can do for your business.

The Federal Court of Australia recently found in Luppino v Fisher that a mobile phone should not be treated as a “computer” or a “data storage device”. This had the effect of invalidating an earlier order made under s3LA of the Crimes Act 1914 (Cth) requiring the plaintiff to assist police to access data stored on a mobile phone, on the basis that the mobile phone was not a computer.

The Cognitive Software Group, an Australian research and development company based in Sydney, has released an update to its cognitiveAI Platform, which utilises Semantic computing, NLP and Machine Learning.

eQuorum has announced major new features in Version 10.3 of ImageSite, its workflow and document management Solution for manufacturers, architects, engineers, utilities, universities and government. All features are also incorporated into Engine-Box.com, eQuorum's cloud-based SaaS workflow and document management solution.

Medical systems and processes in the healthcare sector are becoming increasingly digital and Internet technologies are being used to speed up and improve the quality of the patient care. New analysis of medical image archiving systems being used across the globe by Greenbone Networks, a German cybersecurity firm, shows where things can go wrong.

I seem to get this question a lot these days from end users, vendors, and even friends wanting to be in the tech market. “Why can’t I just build a content services platform (CSP) from scratch.” Let’s look at that same scenario but with a database.

Enterprises today are focused on ensuring robust data governance, and are exploring different tools and approaches to support their efforts. Some organizations know exactly what they need, while others can be overwhelmed or confused by all the different solutions out there that claim to support data governance.

There’s always a lot of anticipation around the latest release of Content Manager (CM), so solution provider Kapish has taken the opportunity to review CM 9.4 and highlight the key new features.