Netbook backup to flash

Lexar Media is launching flash-based, backup drives, the Lexar Echo SE and Lexar Echo ZE, designed to protect netbook and notebook computers.

The Echo SE is a portable USB drive that can perform automatic backup and transfer of files, at read speeds up to 28MB/s and write speeds up to 10MB/s, while the Echo ZE is a desktop drive with a 20.1 by 15.1mm profile.

The drives include built-in Echo backup software developed by Dmailer for Lexar. Key features include targeted file backup, which stores only specified files and reduces wasted disk space, and file versioning, which backs up a history of files and allows the retrieval of previous versions. Additionally, the software offers optional AES 128-bit encryption, enabling protection in the event of drive loss.

Pricing as follows: Lexar Echo SE 16GB $A83.50/32GB $A148.45/64GB $A278.35: Lexar Echo ZE 8GB $A46.40/16GB $A83.50/32GB $1A48.45

SanDisk has also begun shipping the 64 gigabyte SanDisk Ultra SDXC card, based on the new SD 3.0 specification, which makes it possible to manufacture cards with storage capacity up to 2TB. It costs $A415.



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