i2 Software launches Conversion Server 3.0

Support for HP TRIM, SharePoint and OCR is now a standard inclusion with i2 Conversion Server 3.0.

The software can run as a service and support job separator sheets, able to separate scanned documents, rename them, convert them and output to multiple destinations all at the same time without any user intervention.

The release of i2 Conversion 3.0 has added the ability to convert scanned documents automatically to Word and Excel as well as the existing wide range of formats including PDF/A and text searchable PDF/A file formats.

Direct connectivity is now offered to HP TRIM and SharePoint.

Andrew Wade, Director i2 Software, said “Clients using i2 Conversion Server can now fully automate scanned document conversion and output to a network share, FTP, multiple email as an attachment or hyperlink, as well as direct connectivity to HP TRIM and Sharepoint and all potentially at the same time.”

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