EzeScan stays on top of MS server stack

Outback Imaging, the Australian developer of EzeScan production scanning software, has announced compatibility with the latest Microsoft Technologies, Windows 2012 Server and SQL Server 2012.

Mike Kirkby, Managing Director of Outback Imaging said ‘We’re announcing that EzeScan now supports Microsoft Windows 2012 Server and Microsoft SQL Server 2012. This is great news for new and existing customers who can leverage the functionality of these newer Microsoft products safe in the knowledge that EzeScan will work seamlessly with them. 

"Customers who are happy to remain on previous versions of Windows or SQL Server can rest assured that EzeScan will still support those earlier releases. Bringing new

features to market and maintaining backwards compatibility are two major design goals underpinning the research and development at EzeScan.’

Outback Imaging has been providing advanced document batch scanning solutions since 2002. With over 800 customers worldwide, EzeScan solutions range from basic batch scanning with manual data entry to highly automated forms and invoice processing.


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