Conference-goers hear of HealthConnect project for database-driven industry-wide intranet.

A costly gizmo or the answer to document distribution?

Taking the light approach to long-term storage and retrieval of information.

When you walk into a bank branch today, you are not just offered banking services. Banks want to offer you every conceivable type of insurance, help you buy your house and even retire. Diversification has been a part of banking for the last...

Technology always filters down from the top echelons; you just have to be patient. Proof of the concept comes from Kodak Document Imaging, which has released a new range of entry level scanners, the i200 series, which feature high end techn...

Datamail, the largest integrated document management company in New Zealand, it chose this year to test the waters for offering services to not only Australia, but the US and UK.

Storage service providers have evolved to offer new and varied types of solutions.

One year after September 11, disaster recovery is still high in the minds of executives in Western countries.

Toshiba and NEC have started a standards war in the race to produce an heir for DVD in optical disc technology, by proposing a new format to compete with the existing Blu-ray consortium.

Cisco Systems has shown its confidence in the future of storage networking with its purchase of Andiamo Systems.