Sun Microsystems has brought its iPlanet joint venture with Netscape back under its wing with the latest release of the Sun ONE Portal Server, partly based on technology developed by iPlanet.

Transcom's RDP tool converts tacit knowledge to reusable code in

Shredding scandals are landing lawyers - and other professionals - in ethical quandaries worthy of a John Grisham novel.

Cable connections sought with online maps for telco engineers.

As the blood of IT professionals, management consultants and financial services professionals continues to spill on the streets of Australian business, under the guise of "cutting costs," one wonders when it will end and who'll be left to s...

It could be the technological equivalent of planets aligning. Microsoft, IBM and BEA Systems have formed an alliance to push the development and adoption of Web Services. The three have released three new specifications for development and ...

Telecom New Zealand has increased the number of sales being made on its Web site by 150 per cent since installing content management software.

Arnott's Biscuits, makers of popular Australian biscuits such as Tim Tams and Shapes, has chosen Tibco to improve its distribution and supply processes by integrating its supply chain partners with its internal applications.

Microsoft and Lotus are still battling for your desktop real estate.

A huge new account for Deloitte's Melbourne data centre led to a whole