The klatest news and products from portals vendors

Executive Computing Group (ECG) is integrating business intelligence and document management software into a single interface.

Hummingbird Communications has updated its host access software product, HostExplorer Web, to integrate with its Enterprise Information Portal offering.

Microsoft's answer to the phenomenon of the enterprise information portal is the Digital Dashboard.

Windows is the dominant platform of computing, but it is being challenged by the corporate portal concept. IDM investigates how Microsoft has responded.

How the digital dashboard works from a technological perspective.

IBM has taken its cue from the methods of passing down ancient legends via storytelling to distribute knowledge to its 100,000 employees around the world.

Storytelling is a powerful tool in the knowledge management arsenal.

Maxamine International has started its push into the US market.

As BroadVision moves into Australia with its blend of e-commerce and knowledge management, IDM talked to its CEO, Pehong Chen.