A version of a mapping and design software is now available which enables Geopgraphic Information Systems (GIS) and mapping professionals to keep the maps in digital format throughout the design process, including on-site.

Swamped under a glut of technical drawings, Air Traffic Controllers AirServices Australia will implement a program to help staff get quick access to data.

The vision of the personal computer as a handheld device, like the clay tablets of old, is finally solidifying.

Australian businesses continue to put themselves at risk because they do not update their systems. Protection against the Klez virus has been widely available since February, but anti virus software vendor Sophos claims the virus is still c...

Take a look at the Tablet PC in some configurations and you would be forgiven for thinking that it is nothing more than an over hyped laptop PC or a flat screen. But it is the fact that the Tablet can be all of these that makes it special.

Record managers are in demand, but disparities in pay are noticeable.

Network attached storage is an idea whose time has come, but where does it fit between direct attached storage and storage area networks?

The financial services conglomerate is fusing its merged storage assets into a

Kodak has brought the high quality of production-level scanning to desktop users with the release of its i200 series of scanners.

With competition from new technologies, workflow software developers are holding their own.