Meta Group has released its latest MetaspectrumSM analysis of the network attached storage market and has placed Network Appliance as the leader.

The storage sector entered a new détente this week as vendors sat down, smoked a peace pipe and settled their differences. Central to the cold relations in the storage sector was EMC, but EMC, Veritas and Hitachi have all settled their diff...

A series of storage management companies have adopted Broacde's new SilkWorm Fabric Application Platform and Brocade has released a new developer kit for the platform.

As reported in last week's Stockwatch, some analysts were critical of Hewlett-Packard adopting the same accounting practices as Compaq had used, but the markets stood by them. Shares in the newly merged company moved upwards on the US marke...

A survey recently carried out by vendor StorageTek shows that administrators in Australia are under pressure from growing storage demands, data growth, capacity planning, reduced spending and the deletion of data.

A second government panel approval has bolstered newly independent Alphawest. The technology services company was formally part of the Solution 6 group, but split away in a management buyout in August, 2002.

Great Britain's Public Records Office is to adopt Objective's electronic records management system to manage its business records.

Joining the range of backup software systems that have been announced of late is the new DX30 from Quantum. DX30 will be available immediately and is compatible with most hardware and software options on the market.

Clayton Utz is calling on State and Federal government to create legislation setting out acceptable Internet and email usage by employees at work. The law firm said today that it will begin pressing governments to act before it is too late.

Computer Associates has given its certification for the Magnum20 LTO tape library from Exabyte.