An American exhibition is the ideal place to see the future of document management, according to Mario Veronese, HPA's National Manager of information services. Xplor 2002 kicks off at the end of October in California, and Mr Veronese says ...

GIO insurance has announced that it is moving its workers compensation operation towards a paperless environment with the adoption of Tower Technology's IDM document management system.

Google the king of Internet search has released its latest enterprise search system, but the local market doesn't think Google has the answer.

An online community has discovered that Internet browsers Mozilla and Netscape inform the last site you visited where you are on the Web now.

An extra 150,000 more user seats will be added to the US Navy's massive intranet implementation that includes an Australian records management application. The deal is good news for EDS, whose past customers include WorldCom and United Airlines.

Office Information Australia will remain the primary distributor and supplier of iManage, legal and financial services document management, collaboration and knowledge management software. iManage had experimented with a regional area manag...

The Enterprise portal market could be one of the most exciting battle scenes over the coming 12 months, but who ever succeeds, they are going to have to answer some important questions from the Enterprise market and ensure their product sup...

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FileNET and Interwoven have begun a joint development project to assist enterprises looking to leverage corporate content onto the Web.

The corporate portal concept is the centre of a deal between SAP and Telstra to provide support for business-to-business e-commerce.