ediscovery & Forensics

A new tool to help corporations and government agencies combat problematic or sensitive data has been launched by AccessData Group, a provider of integrated digital forensics and e-discovery software. AD RTK (Risk Toolkit) locates potential information risks - very often, authorised data residing in unauthorised locations, such as classified information on an unclassified network - and remediates it across the enterprise.

The American Bar Association (ABA) is undertaking a project to use Relativity ediscovery software to analyse data on cases to determine whether bias or other factors could have contributed to wrongful convictions.

ayfie, Inc. has announced the launch of ayfie Inspector, a text analytics engine that indexes, understands, and organizes massive amounts of content for Relativity , the e-discovery platform.

BlackStone Discovery has developed a native redaction tool with the promised ability to review and redact entire spreadsheets in a matter of seconds.

DTI, a global legal process outsourcing (LPO) company providing eDiscovery, management services, litigation support and court reporting, has acquired Australian firm NuLegal.

Social network analytics have been introduced to version 9.2 of the Ringtail e-discovery platform, as well as a pre-configured workspace designed to accelerate the speed and accuracy of early case assessments and investigations.

The new Forensic Email Collector (FEC) from Metaspike, Inc. is promoted as a robust and full-featured email preservation tool that is also remarkably intuitive. It allows digital forensics and eDiscovery practitioners to follow industry best practices without the associated extra effort.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has announced it is investing around $A60 million on data analytics, IT systems as well as its surveillance and enforcement capabilities to be a more data-driven, intelligence-led law enforcement agency.

ECM giant OpenText has made a further two enterprise software acquisitions, forensic security and eDiscovery vendor Guidance Software for $US240 million, and Covisint, a Cloud platform for building digital identity management, Internet of Things (IoT) applications, and automotive and transportation supply chain.

Advanced Discovery, a global eDiscovery and risk management provider, has filed a patent covering facial recognition technology in eDiscovery workflows. This most recent patent is designed to automate the review of large volumes of photographic images to identify an individual’s presence and prioritise documents within document reviews.