ClassiDocs releases Structured Data classification

ClassiDocs has unveiled new functionality that enables the Classification of Structured Data Sets. In addition to existing support for hundreds of file formats for unstructured data, the classification of 'the other half' of every major enterprise's data set (structured data) completes the holistic view of data across the enterprise for IT administrators, Security Administrators, and Governance/Compliance officers.

"In addition to our recent release of Artificial Intelligence services for classification, we are leveraging that investment to apply the same policies and selection criteria for structured databases," stated IP Risk Control President Jason Remillard. 

"We can use the same policy and classification set - guided and trained by end users and data stewards directly - to classify data within major database vendors. This supplements every security and compliance program - classifying what kind of data is where and who has access to it. Customers can now correlate this information with their existing compliance and policy systems."

ClassiDocs is a Data Classification platform that enables End Users and Data Stewards to actively participate in the process of classifying data sets - in a user-friendly, efficient and quick process that generally requires little to no end user training or education. Unstructured data classification has been available from its initial release, and now the solution is augmented with support for structured data sets - across leading database vendors' technologies.

"By exposing this additional data to interested parties - systems, people and processes - we are opening a whole new realm of security posture information that may be used to make more intelligent and orchestrated security decisions. Add this to our existing SIEM integration and governance alert system that is built-in, you have a classification platform that supports the entire security ecosystem - and actively contributes to making existing investments less taxed, more reliable and most importantly - more accurate," continues Remillard.

The ability to classify data sets in myriad platforms - with an accurate and up-to-date classification system - is integral for any organisation (health care, financial services, manufacturing, government) with private, customer, or financial information to protect. ClassiDocs represents a departure from the regular approaches - with its focus on end-user adoption, simple and rapidly deployable architecture, and native integrations with leading SIEM, EndPoint Security and Governance and Compliance toolsets.