SharePoint Connector adds secure enterprise video

A new SharePoint Connector for the movingimage Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) promises to make it easy to integrate, manage, share and stream video everywhere within SharePoint – from sites to Wikis. Videos can even be embedded in every rich text field.

The movingimage secure EVP provides responsive player technology, intranet streaming and enterprise-grade security out of the box. And because videos are securely hosted and always available within the EVP, on-demand videos can be viewed within SharePoint – by hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of people at once – without concern about network bandwidth.

Oliver Jaeger, global vice president of marketing for movingimage, said “Together with the Outlook and PowerPoint add-ins we announced in June, these solutions are designed to make it easier than ever to communicate, collaborate and drive employee engagement using secure, enterprise video.”

With the movingimage secure EVP, all videos – both internal and those on external websites – are hosted securely in one place, enabling them to be saved once and served up across multiple channels, including SharePoint. The EVP lets administrators, editors and publishers keep track of which videos are online and which are unpublished; and when videos are edited, the EVP automatically updates the video across every channel.

The movingimage EVP provides enterprise-grade video security features that work seamlessly with SharePoint, including single sign-on, IP-level security and encrypted streaming – keeping confidential videos confidential. And for those companies that require an extra layer of protection, videos can specifically be hosted in European data centres that are subject to European data protection regulations.

The SharePoint Connector for the movingimage secure EVP supports multiple SharePoint versions, including: SharePoint 2013 Foundation, Standard and Enterprise; SharePoint 2016 Standard and Enterprise and SharePoint Online / Office 365.

Movingimage utilises the Akamai CDN and EVP-integrated eCDN solutions from Hive and Ramp. Whether hosted on-prem, online or deployed as a hybrid solution, Akamai solves the delivery of videos to the internet with its 200,000 servers, while Hive and Ramp take care of intranet bottlenecks.  

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