ActivePDF 3 adds Search and Redact

ActivePDF has announced the release of Redactor 3.1.0. which provides users the ability to search and redact specific words, text, images, or entire pages when creating PDF files so viewers cannot see or search for sensitive information.

Search and Redact: Redactor 3.1.0 enables organisations to accurately search and redact data while creating PDF files. Sensitive data such as ID numbers, phone numbers, addresses, etc., can be easily and accurately redacted within a single API.

Proper redaction is essential for regulatory compliance across a wide-range of industries, including legal, financial, securities, or government agencies that deal with sensitive information on a daily basis.

Unlike other redactor tools on the market, Redactor 3.1.0 prevents selected viewers from recovering redacted data. For example, a legal team might introduce a document into evidence, but must protect sensitive information irrelevant to the case. Sensitive data is redacted so viewers cannot see, search, or recover that information.

Not only does Redactor 3.1.0 prevent viewers from searching and recovering redacted data, it also protects from and allows other actions. For example, a government agency may provide documents to an individual with a security clearance to view some, but not all, information in a classified document. With Redactor, the individual could not search, highlight or copy redacted data. However, the unredacted content remains visible, fully indexed and searchable.

Redactor 3.1.0 removes and replaces text and images with a colour-filled box. Redaction removes and blocks out portions of the text or image, such as a specific word or an entire page so viewers no longer see that information in the PDF output file. Users can censor something as simple as a name or more complex information such as a long string of numbers.

“Organizations across all industries are in urgent need of solutions to tackle new and ever-changing regulatory laws,” says Tim Sullivan, ActivePDF Chief Architect and CEO. “For example, coverage on the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been largely negative, but I look at it as a great opportunity to provide businesses with the proper tools to keep sensitive information secure and compliant.

“With Redactor 3.1.0, we are helping businesses respond quickly and accurately with an easy-to-use PDF solution. Redaction is extremely important and if performed incorrectly, sensitive information could leak to the public with detrimental results. Redactor 3.1.0 helps avoid this by providing businesses with a reliable, accurate and compliant redaction tool.”