Email data breach concerns boost DocsCorp bottom line

DocsCorp, a leading provider of document productivity solutions, has reported a 69% increase in the sale of its information leak prevention software cleanDocs. The number of cleanDocs users increased by 62% in that same period. 

The leading role played by human error in email data breach incidents was highlighted in the recent Q3 report from the Notifiable Data Breach Scheme (NDB) by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC).

The NDB Scheme requires that Australian businesses report eligible data breaches to the OAIC and affected individuals. Australian firms have looked to technology to minimise the chance of breaches occurring.

The OAIC reported 245 data breaches affecting personal information between July and September 2018, with 57 per cent of incidents caused by malicious or criminal attack, and 37 per cent resulted from human error.

Australian Information Commissioner and Privacy Commissioner Angelene Falk, said, “Our latest report shows 20 per cent of data breaches over the quarter occurred when personal information was sent to the wrong recipient, by email, mail, fax or other means.

“The NDB Scheme findings prove that while staff should be the first line of defence against a breach, they are often, in fact, the weakest link,” said DocsCorp President and Co-Founder, Dean Sappey.

“Data loss protection tools like cleanDocs empower users to protect sensitive client information and instil in them the confidence they won’t inadvertently cause a breach. Australian businesses must make human error in handling email a top security priority if they are to avoid making headlines for the wrong reason.”