ShareArchiver solution hits the market

A new solution for  file archiving, SharePoint archiving and email archiving has been unveiled by Virtual Code Solutions, called ShareArchiver.

It promises to de-duplicate data, reduce backup and storage costs while enabling a defensible discovery process.

"ShareArchiver is unique in that it is not platform specific, which allows it to integrate with other platforms seamlessly," said chief technology officer Jawad Bokhari. "This system is supported universally by other client platforms, which makes it ideal for companies that have a mixed environment of platforms."

ShareArchiver can be deployed over wide geological locations to centralise corporate data no matter how large the organisation is and can be delivered as software, an appliance or a cloud archive.

The archiving software features an intuitive policy engine that allows users to dictate which data to archive using specific metadata such as accessed date, size, location, etc. ShareArchiver also uses stubbing technology to provide seamless access to archived data. Stubbing is a policy-driven module that gives clients storage management controls to reduce storage costs.

"Stubbing is the process of replacing a large file with a tiny file in the system," said Bokhari. "The file is securely linked to the original file in the archive making the process seamless to the end-user."

The solution archives in real-time and permits special users to perform e-discovery tasks while recording their actions and sending them to data guardians to ensure protection.

"Our goal when developing this solution was to improve efficiency within the workplace," said Bokhari. "I think we have done just that by giving companies the ability to automate, manage and store data effectively. The time saving benefits of this solution will make this a worthwhile investment."