AvePoint introduces SharePoint compliance solution

AvePoint has announced the release of a new compliance solution for SharePoint.

It aims to prevent content leaks and misuse by applying SharePoint permissions, tagging, and security settings as well as assigning policy access rights and permissions to content stored in file shares.

Real-time scans and scheduled risk reports are included, as well as the ability to search for user permissions with security search or profile security permissions for individual users or groups.

It allows automated response to resolve breaches by archiving and encrypting all SharePoint content; implementing and managing Legal Holds on discrete SharePoint content on-demand; and quickly restructure permissions, access metadata and security of content itself.

“When it comes to compliance and management of sensitive data, context is very important,” said Dana Simberkoff, Senior Director of Risk Management & Compliance at AvePoint. “It is not only the existence of the data itself, but also information about who can and who has accessed it, what they accessed, when they accessed it, where they accessed it, how they accessed it and why they had access to it – that sets the stage for a true compliance review.

AvePoint’s ability to provide comprehensive, in-depth reporting and analysis of the lifecycle of sensitive data as well as the actions of users within their SharePoint environments helps organizations improve security of SharePoint as a system for managing sensitive data not only positively impacts regulatory compliance, but also promotes confidence in the platform’s viability – a quality integral to successful SharePoint adoption.”

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